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Working with Us

We are grateful to work with the distinguished community of researchers who have published articles with Oxford Art Online. This page provides information for those considering writing for the Grove Dictionary of Art or the Benezit Dictionary of Artists, as well as services for authors who have already published with us.

If you have already published with us, please see our For Published Authors section.

Become an Author

Both the Grove Dictionary of Art and the Benezit Dictionary of Artists maintain robust editorial programs for update and expansion. We welcome the inquiry of scholars who might be interested in writing for our dictionaries, as well as suggestions for revisions to existing articles or new topics for inclusion. Click here to read about our editorial policies.

Our editorial board reviews and approves all new authors, and we encourage both senior and early-career scholars to consider what corner of the dictionary might benefit from their expertise. As the steward of these two historic resources, we are eager to connect with the next generation of scholars to expand and enrich the dictionaries for the decades ahead. To suggest new articles or inquire about becoming an author, please email the editor at

For Published Authors

Claim Your Gratis Subscription

As an author for Grove Art or Benezit, you are entitled to 3 months gratis online access. Email us with the title(s) of your article(s) and your institution, and we will arrange for your author subscription to commence.

Speak to Your Librarian

Please speak to your librarian about making Oxford Art Online available to all faculty and students at your institution. You can submit a library referral form online here.

Update Your Article

One of the advantages of online publishing is the ability to make frequent updates, whether a small correction or a substantial addition to reflect new arguments. We encourage you to view your article as a living document, one that can be updated or improved as scholarship on the topic changes and new significant sources are published.

You can request minor corrections to your article at any time. This might include fixing a date or adding a citation. If you come across something in your article that you would like to add or change, send an email to

Periodically, you may want to consider making some major revisions to your article. This might include adding a new section or reorganizing the article in some way. Major revisions are subject to review by the editorial board and copy editors to ensure quality. You may request a major revision in the same way you would a small change, by contacting your OUP editor or emailing In addition, if you notice something in another article that might need further attention, send us a note so we can pass it along to the author anonymously.

To ensure the resource stays current, we have launched a rolling revision program for Grove Art called UpdateGrove. This initiative involves the 7,000 members of our author community, and we encourage every scholar to submit updates. In coming years, we may contact you with a request to update your article following a formal review. We will be glad to work around busy academic schedules, and if you would like another scholar to take over a topic you have supervised in past, we can commission a new author. There are some authors of the original print dictionary for whom we are unable to locate current contact details, and if you are an original author, we would love to hear from you. To discuss Grove Art revisions, please email

Share and Promote Your Work

Oxford University Press is committed to disseminating scholarship and furthering education around the world, and we engage with social media across a range of platforms and channels. Authors who are interested in working with us to develop their own social media strategy can visit our Social Media Guidelines section.

We encourage you to add your Grove Art or Benezit article to your CV, as well as to link from your university or personal webpage to your article. All articles are peer reviewed, and authors join by invitation and board approval. The standard format for citation is as follows:

Author. “Article Title.” Grove Dictionary of Art. New York: Oxford University Press, Article Publication Date. URL.

Author. “Article Title.” Benezit Dictionary of Artists. New York: Oxford University Press, Article Publication Date. URL.

For information on reusing your article material, please email your editor or view Oxford's guidelines for author permissions.

Stay in Touch

We hope you will stay involved with the project. We are interested in your feedback, and open to your ideas for improving the Grove and Benezit dictionaries as well as Oxford Art Online as a whole. We encourage you to maintain contact with your editor. Our authors play an important role in shaping this resource as it continues to grow over time. If you have a general suggestion for articles we should commission, please let us know. Feel free to contact the editor at any time.