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March 2021

Grove Art
Banpo, revised
Cai Jing, revised
Daoji, revised
Dawenkou, revised
Dunhuang, revised
Erlitou, revised
Guo Ruoxu, revised
Hemudu, revised
Houma, revised
Huaisu, revised
Liangzhu, revised
Liao dynasty, revised
Miaodigou, revised
Ouyang Xiu, revised
Ouyang Xun, revised
Panlongcheng, revised
Qujialing, revised
Sui dynasty, revised
Wang Tingyun, revised
Wang Zhenpeng, revised
Xie He, revised
Yan Zhenqing, revised
Yangshao, revised
Yi’nan, revised
Zhan Ziqian, revised
Zhang Yanyuan, revised
Zhang Zeduan, revised
Zhao Gan, revised
Zhao Zhiqian, revised
Louis, Morris, revised
Maier, Vivian, revised

January 2021

Grove Art
Mawangdui, revised
Mi xian, revised
Mt. Maiji, revised
Muqi, revised
Ni Zan, revised
Qian Xuan, revised
Qiu Ying, revised
Ren Xiong, revised
Shang dynasty, revised
Sheng Mao, revised
Shizishan, revised
Song, revised
Su Shi, revised
Tang dynasty, revised
Wang Meng, revised
Wang Wei, revised
Wei dynasty, revised
Wen Tong, revised
Wu Dacheng, revised
Wu Daozi, revised
Wu Zhen, revised
Xia Gui, revised
Xinzheng, revised
Xu Daoning, revised
Yan Liben, revised
Yan Wengui, revised
Yuan dynasty, revised
Yujian, revised
Yungang, revised
Zhang Xuan, revised
Zhao Boju, revised
Zhao Lingrang, revised
Zhengzhou, revised
Amer, Ghada, revised
Bill, Max, revised
Blake, Peter, revised
General Idea, revised
Grooms, Red, revised
Hujar, Peter, revised

November 2020

Grove Art
Ugarit, revised
Agam, Yaacov, revised
Appel, Karel, revised
Arman, revised
Bochner, Mel, revised
Breer, Robert, revised
Conner, Bruce, revised
Cruz, Emilio, revised
Dean, Tacita, revised
Frank, Mary, revised
Hadid, Zaha, revised
Jones, Allen, revised
Klein, Yves, revised
Knoebel, Imi, revised
Kurt, Kay, revised
Martin, Jason, revised
Mendieta, Ana, revised

September 2020

Grove Art
Amund, revised
Calakmul, revised
Chu, revised
Clark, revised
Cupisnique, revised
Dizieult, revised
Etienne, revised
Kane, Paul, revised
Liang Kai, revised
Mt. Wutai, revised
Palenque, revised
Philandrier, revised
Speer, Albert, revised
Tierp school, revised
Yanxiadu, revised
Zhu Da, revised
Heckel, Erich, revised
Stern, Irma, revised

July 2020

Grove Art
Aztatlán, revised
Calixtlahuaca, revised
Chinchero, revised
Jaar, Alfredo, revised
Nery, Ismael, revised
Palace, revised
Teotihuacan, revised
Xochicalco, revised

June 2020

Grove Art



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