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August 2023

Grove Art
Batan Grande, revised
Heda, Willem, revised
Machu Picchu, revised
Paracas, revised
Piazza family, revised
Sicán, revised
Tura, Cosimo, revised
Galizia, Fede, revised
Lama, Giulia, revised

June 2023

Grove Art
Altar, revised
Angelico, Fra, revised
Cai Guoqiang, revised
Caricature, revised
Cross, revised
Cutlery, revised
Duccio, revised
Insular art, revised
Lee, Mingwei, revised
Liang Sicheng, revised
Liu Xiaodong, revised
Luo Zhenyu, revised
Masaccio, revised
Masolino, revised
Song Dong, revised
Throne, revised
Wu Mali, revised
Yang Yuyu, revised

April 2023

Grove Art
AFRICOBRA, revised
An Qi, revised
Antefix, revised
Arakan, revised
Bao Shichen, revised
Batavian ware, revised
Batik, revised
Borobudur, revised
Byōdōin, revised
Chen Shun, revised
Dai Jin, revised
Deng Shiru, revised
Dieng Plateau, revised
Ding Yunpeng, revised
Dong Duong, revised
Dong Son, revised
Du Jin, revised
Guanxiu, revised
Hunt, Richard, revised
Ikkyū Sōjun, revised
Ise Shrine, revised
Li family, revised
Mei Qing, revised
Pak Su-gŭn, revised
Panataran, revised
Ruan Yuan, revised
Ryūkyū, revised
Sen no Rikyū, revised
Shen Zhou, revised
Tang Yin, revised
Terracotta, revised
Wang E, revised
Wang Hui, revised
Wax, revised
Wu school, revised
Yang Shoujing, revised
Yü Yu-jen, revised
Zhe school, revised

January 2023

Grove Art
Dou, Gerrit, revised
Saar family, revised
Blank, Irma, revised
Scott, Judith, revised
Steger, Milly, revised

November 2022

Grove Art
Cassatt, Mary, revised
Ceibal, revised
Concrete, revised
Davies family, revised
Gilding, revised
Leather, revised
Quiriguá, revised
Real Alto, revised
Río Azul, revised
Rosario, El, revised
Salango, revised
Santarém, revised
Sayil, revised
Albers, Anni, revised
Jaray, Tess, revised
Zürn, Unica, revised

September 2022

Grove Art
Ayutthaya, revised
Besakih, revised
Danh, Binh, revised
Kang Se-hwang, revised
Kim family, revised
Kim Hwan-gi, revised
Ligon, Glenn, revised
Luang Prabang, revised
Park Seo Bo, revised
Sukhothai, revised
Surakarta, revised
Vientiane, revised



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