MoMA/Grove Art Teaching Resources

Designed by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), these resources for educators offer an exploration into the history of modern art, drawing on works in a variety of media from the museum's rich collection and articles in Grove Art Online. The units explore artistic developments and movements in their social and historical contexts and are tailored to school curricula, with particular application to visual art, history, and language arts. The first eight units are organized chronologically around the theme of Modern Art and Ideas, while three final units focus on photography, Louis I. Kahn, and Pablo Picasso. Each unit is divided into a series of lessons; these include suggestions for writing, research, and art-making activities that encourage students to make connections among the visual arts and other disciplines. Lessons also include a few suggestions for further reading in Grove Art Online. Once in Grove Art, you are welcome to expand your investigation by seeking out more information on the artist or movement discussed in the lesson. You may also wish to ask your students to use Grove Art to pursue their own further research.

Unit 1: 1882–1900

Unit 2: 1893–1913

Unit 3: 1907–1914

Unit 4: 1914–1928

Unit 5: 1913–1936

Unit 6: Art Between the Wars

Unit 7: 1950–1969

Unit 8: 1962–1974

Photography: Picturing People

Artist’s Work/Artist’s Voice: Louis I. Kahn

Artist’s Work/Artist’s Voice: Picasso