Editorial and Image Policies

Editorial policy

Within Oxford Art Online, both the Grove Dictionary of Art and the Benezit Dictionary of Artists maintain robust editorial programs for update and expansion. The editorial board for each resource determines the focus of commissioning and thematic projects. These supervising scholars select authors and advisors, and they ensure that every article, whether new or updated, is peer-reviewed before publication. The commissioning process is managed by a team of editors in-house at OUP. Oxford Art Online is dedicated to presenting a global history of art that is inclusive, multicultural, international, and diverse. With gratitude for the expertise shared by thousands of scholars around the world, we work to keep OAO a vital reference source for all audiences.

Each dictionary has a unique editorial focus, and together they offer harmonizing strengths. Benezit contains artist biographies, whereas Grove Art contains both biographies and subject entries on movements, styles, and regions. Grove also covers a wider range of the visual arts, including architecture and applied arts. Many Benezit entries, on the other hand, contain additional information of particular value to those connected with the art world, including exhibition histories, museum and gallery holdings, and auction records. Grove articles do not contain these listings, but they tend to offer more detailed analysis of working methods, technique, and reception. Grove articles are illustrated with images of the works of art under discussion, while Benezit articles include images of the artists’ signatures, monograms, and stamps of sale, as well as portraits of the artists themselves. These resources are complementary, and together, they offer a comprehensive view of global art.

We welcome the interest of scholars who might be interested in writing for Oxford Art Online, as well as suggestions for revisions to existing articles or new topics for inclusion. All decisions run through our editorial boards and advisors. New entries are developed with consideration of appropriate length and scope relative to existing entries of a similar nature to ensure consistency across the dictionaries. Oxford University Press makes all final decisions regarding the inclusion of content. You may contact us through the site, or email suggestions to OxfordArtEditor@oup.com. Suggestions for new entries are submitted to area specialists and editors for their review.

Image policy

Oxford Art Online is not an image provider and therefore cannot grant permissions or advise on issues of rights and usage. Please contact the image providers and copyright holders cited in the captions directly if you wish to use art images for anything other than personal or educational purposes. Resources on image copyright and fair use in the US can be found at Intellectual Property and the Visual Arts on the College Art Association’s website.

Images are crucial to the study of the history of art and vital to the growth of OAO. Through partnerships with major organizations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, MOMA, Bridgeman Images, Art Resource, Art Images for College Teaching, ARS, as well as numerous international galleries and individual artists, Grove Art offers over 6,000 art images, maps, and line drawings displayed in the text of articles. In collaboration with ArtistsSignatures.com and the Frick Collection, Benezit includes over 11,000 images of artists’ signatures, monograms, and stamps of sale, in addition to artists’ portraits and self-portraits.

The generous contribution of images and permission by scholars, artists, museums, and galleries helps us offer important visual support for our texts. We invite authors to donate art images to be included in their articles. We may only accept images for which the contributor has cleared all permissions for worldwide, perpetual online use. We are also interested in forming new partnerships with museums and institutions for images and stable image links. We hope these partnerships will increase community awareness of and interest in these valuable collections and educational resources. If you wish to donate images or discuss partnership possibilities, please email the editor for details at oxfordarteditor@oup.com.

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