Central and Eastern Europe Art in Grove


Josip Vaništa: Infinite cane / Homage to Manet, chair, stick, top hat, 0.87×1.12×0.5 m, 1961 (Zagreb, Croatia, Museum of Contemporary Art, MSU 3128); image courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb  Sanja Iveković: Women’s House, plaster cast, 1998 (Zagreb, Croatia, Museum of Contemporary Art, MSU 4215); image courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb
Left: Josip Vaništa: Infinite cane / Homage to Manet, chair, stick, top hat, 1961
Right: Sanja Iveković: Women’s House, plaster cast, 1998


This season Grove Art Online is pleased to present a group of 34 new and significantly updated articles on topics in Central and Eastern European art. Readers will find that these articles greatly expand and improve the coverage of post-World War II developments in this region.

The centerpiece of the project is a group of new and expanded articles on key movements and concepts, including poetism, constructivism, socialist realism, socialist modernism, body art, and post-socialism and art. The update also includes a group of newly commissioned articles on the important 20th-century artist groups OHO, IRWIN, Sztuka, and Gorgona, as well as 12 new artist biographies. Readers will also note major overhauls of 11 large regional articles (including the Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, and Ukraine), which now incorporate the latest research on art of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Many thanks are due to the dedicated scholars who contributed to this update, as well as to the institutions and individuals who generously provided 48 illustrations to promote understanding of the texts. The new material complements Grove’s ever-growing coverage of Central and Eastern European art across the centuries, which now includes well over 4,000 articles.

Anna Brzyski
Guest Editor, Central and Eastern European Art
Associate Professor of Art History and Visual Studies, University of Kentucky

Benjamin Benus, Loyola University: Constructivism
Anna Brzyski, University of Kentucky: Sztuka
Sanja Cvetnić, University of Zagreb: Bašičević, Dimitrije; Croatia; Gorgona
April Eisman, Iowa State University: Germany; Rehfeldt, Robert
Marta Filipová, University of Wolverhampton: Hudeček, František; Knižak, Milan; Ondák, Roman
Eszter Gantner, Institute of European Ethnology: Szentjóby, Tamás
Anthony Gardner, The University of Melbourne: Postsocialism and art
Karla Huebner, Wright State University: Czech Republic; Poetism
Piotr Juszkiewicz, Adam Mickiewicz University: Socialist Modernism; Socialist Realism
Adrienne Kochman, Indiana Northwest University: Kulik, Oleg; Ukraine
Laima Lauckaite, Lithuanian Culture Research Institute: Kairiūkštis, Vytautas; Lithuania
Anu Liivak, Eesti Kunstimuuseum: Estonia
Mária Orišková, University of Trnava: Slovakia
Rachel Rossner, University of Chicago: Serbia
Deborah Schultz, Richmond University: Perjovschi, Dan; Romania
Miško Šuvaković, University of Arts in Belgrade: OHO; Pogačnik, Marko; Slovenia
Milena Tomic, University College London: Body Art in Eastern Europe; IRWIN
Jasmina Tumbas, Duke University: Gotovac, Tomislav; Todosijevic, Rasa; Tót, Endre
Maria Vassileva, Harvard University: Bulgaria