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Yang Fudong: Liu Lan, black and white 35 mm film, 14 min., 2003 (collection of the artist); photo courtesy of the artist
Yang Fudong: Liu Lan, black and white 35 mm film, 14 min., 2003 (collection of the artist);
photo courtesy of the artist


Grove Art continues a major initiative to revise and expand Grove’s content on Asian art. Led by Sonya Lee, Associate Professor of Chinese Art and Visual Cultures at the University of Southern California, this project will include scholarship on topics from antiquity to the present day in Asia. 

Editor in Chief
Sonya Lee, University of Southern California

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Insoo Cho, Korea National University of Arts
Karen Fraser, University of San Francisco
Zsuzsanna Gulácsi, Northern Arizona University
Paul Lavy, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Kate Lingley, University of Hawaii, Manoa
Tamara Sears, Yale University
Aida Yuen Wong, Brandeis University

Michelle Antoinette, Australian National University
Joachim K. Bautze, Independent Scholar
Joy Beckman, Beloit College
Mael Bellec, Musee Cernuschi
Nancy Berliner, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
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Bonnie Brereton, Independent Scholar
Shana J. Brown, University of Hawaii
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Katharine Burnett, University of California, Davis
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Abby Chen, Chinese Culture Center, San Francisco
Fongfong Chen, University of Hong Kong
Bonnie Cheng, Oberlin College
Pattaratorn Chirapravati, California State University, Sacramento
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Fang-mei Chou, National Central University
David Clarke, University of Hong Kong
Walter B. Davis, University of Alberta
Karl Debreczeny, Rubin Museum of Art
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Erin Gleeson, Independent Curator
Alison Hardie, University of Leeds
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Gao Minglu, University of Pittsburgh
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Marco Musillo, Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz
Roger Nelson, Nanyang Technological University
Sandy Ng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Juliane Noth, Free University of Berlin
An-yi Pan, Cornell University
Michaela Pejcochova, Prague National Gallery
Ying-chen Peng, American University
Claire Roberts, The University of Adelaide
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Ching-fei Shih, National Taiwan University
Nancy Steinhardt, University of Pennsylvania
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Suzanne E. Wright, University of Tennessee
Ka-ming Wu, Chinese University of Hong Kong
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Chia-ling Yang, University of Edinburgh
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Kim Youngna, Seoul National University
Chen Zhao, Nanjing University