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A view of the Grand Palais in Paris before an auction by Christie’s, Feb. 23, 2009; photo credit: AP Photo/Jacques Brinon
A view of the Grand Palais in Paris before an auction by Christie’s, Feb. 23, 2009


Grove Art is pleased to announce an update on the topic of Art Markets, Law, and Economics. The expansion of this subject area was motivated by a steadily growing interest, over recent years, in art as an investment vehicle, innovations in art-related services, and widening scholarly inquiries into the history of art markets. The entries mostly deal with technical terms related to sales transactions, biographies of dealers or collectors, and historical abstracts about institutions, especially auction houses.

This project includes major new subject entries on Art Indices, E-Commerce, Art Advisors, Attributions, Auction House Specialists, Cultural Capital, Globalization of the Art Market, and the Markets for African and Oceanic art, along with major revisions dealing with Investments, Collecting, and the definition of the Art Market itself. Several major auction houses and their histories now found their place in the dictionary: Bonhams, Dorotheum, and Phillips de Pury; the information on Christie’s was thoroughly updated. Attention was also given to those who either pioneered art markets past and present, or who pointed to new directions in the study of the economic dimension of art. New and revised biographical entries on art world figures like Jeffrey Deitch, Larry Gagosian, Edmé-François Gersaint, Walter Hopps, Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Le Brun, Tony Shafrazi, Norton Simon, Michael Montias, the Wildensteins, and the Guggenheims thus complete the overview. Many of the articles updated as part of this project will be incorporated into the forthcoming print volume, the Grove Art Guide to the Art Market.

I would like to thank all contributors who brought their expertise to this project for their time and dedication. Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude to Alodie Larson, Editor of Grove Art/Oxford Art Online, for her untiring help and support in making the entries an intellectually engaging and exciting read for anyone interested in the latest trends in art market scholarship.

Darius A. Spieth
Professor of Art History, Louisiana State University

Jason Andreasen
Glauco Adorno
Noël Annesley
Jeffrey Boloten
Friederike von Bruhl
Francesca Cavazzini
Veronique Chagnon-Burke
Bruno Claessens
Robert Cumming
Natasha Degen
Molly K. Dorkin
JoLynn Edwards
Frances Fowle
Lukas Fuchsgruber
Peter Fuhring
Malcolm Gee
Joseph R. Givens
Siegfried Gohr
Noémie Goldman
Christian Heumer
Titia Hulst
Roberta A. Kwall
Thierry Lenain
Linli Li
William Ma
Bénédicte Martin
Tom McNulty
Kim Oosterlinck
Abigail Price
Mark Rectanus
Victoria Reed
Clarissa Ricci
Iain Robertson
A. Deirdre Robson
Christa Roodt
Susan Ryan
Gary Schwartz
Lee Sorensen
Christophe Spaenjers
Krista Thompson
Anna Tummers
Olav Velthuis
Sophie Vigneron
Mark Westgarth
Leonard Wolk


With special thanks for planning advice
Andi Back
Michelle Millar Fisher
Tom McNulty
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