What's new in December 2017

December 1, 2017

Welcome to the newly updated Oxford Art Online! The OAO database hosts the Grove® Dictionary of Art, the Benezit® Dictionary of Artists, and other Oxford art reference works. The site will update throughout the year, with new and updated articles, tools for navigating content, and improved functionality.

Visitors familiar with Oxford Art Online will notice the recent update to the design of our website, the product of a multi-year project to enhance the design and functionality of this resource. Changes include improvements to the search engine, media capabilities, linking, and page design, as well as back-end enrichment to metadata and article taxonomy. These updates reflected feedback and advice from users, librarians, and advisors, and we will continue to refine and enhance Oxford Art Online in the years to come. Have questions about how to use the redesigned website? Check out our Help page for a video demonstration and detailed instructions or read through our FAQs.


Edwin Austin Abbey: "King Lear," Act I, Scene I, oil on canvas, 54 1/4 in x 127 1/4 in., 1898
Edwin Austin Abbey: "King Lear," Act I, Scene I, oil on canvas, 54 1/4 in x 127 1/4 in., 1898


Grove Art

Grove Art is delighted to announce our new Editor in Chief, Judith Rodenbeck, who specializes in modern and contemporary art. Dr. Rodenbeck is the former Editor in Chief of the Art Journal and has served as member of the Grove Art Editorial Board since 2013. In her tenure with Grove, she has brought artists such as Paulo Bruscky, Tetsu Okuhara, David Ireland, Miranda July, and Mickalene Thomas into the dictionary, expanding global coverage of contemporary art. Read a letter from Dr. Rodenbeck here.

Dr. Rodenbeck will supervise the continued expansion of contemporary art scholarship in the dictionary, as well as overseeing the UpdateGAO program, through which existing articles from all specialties are updated in collaboration with their original authors. In addition to these initiatives, extensive commissioning work is underway for projects on art markets, Latin American art, and Asian art. Explore the menu at left for more information on these and other major areas of editorial development.


Under the guidance of our Editor in Chief, Dr. Kathy Battista, the Benezit Dictionary of Artists has been improving the quality and breadth of our contemporary artist biographies. Existing articles on artists producing work since the 1960s have been strengthened and updated to reflect recent projects and updated market information, including entries on Robert Whitman, John Cage, and Rosemarie Castoro. New biographies on contemporary Middle Eastern artists and Outsider or self-taught artists will expand coverage of these often neglected groups. Particular attention has been paid to increasing gender parity as we add biographies of women artists, including non-western and young, emerging figures in the art world. Read Dr. Battista’s Letter from the Editor here.

Benezit regularly updates entries to reflect artist sales and recent exhibitions and publications. Our current updating program is bringing more complete and up-to-date supplemental information to the biographies of global artists who are the highest grossing and most frequently sold in the contemporary art market. Browse the menu at left for more information on major commissioning projects in Benezit.