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Asok Kumar Das

City in Rajasthan, India. It flourished in the 17th–18th centuries ad as capital of the state of the same name. It contains a wide variety of palaces, mansions (hāvelīs), temples, stepwells and gardens. The city is dominated by the Taragarh hill-fort, founded by the Rajput king Rao Deva in 1241; the palace on the hillside below contains many attractive structures, including the Ratan Mahal, built by Rao Ratan Singh (reg 1607–31), the beautifully painted Chatar Mahal by Rao Chatarsal (reg 1631–58) and the Chitra Shali by Rao Umed Singh (reg 1739–70) (see Indian subcontinent, §III, 7, (ii), (b)). Bundi was also a centre of manuscript painting from the 17th century (see Indian subcontinent, §V, 4, (iii), (c)).

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