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Petra Dupuits

[Utrechtsche Machinale Stoel- en Meubelfabriek; Pastoe]

Dutch furniture factory established in 1913 by Frits Loeb (1889–1959) to provide furniture for his small department store in Utrecht. Under the management of the furniture-maker Dirk Lubertus Braakman (1887–1966) UMS quickly developed into a mass-production furniture manufacturing company that supplied trademarked items to retailers. Originally UMS designs differed little from the period furniture produced by the average manufacturer in response to public taste. However, c. 1930 UMS took advantage of the greater demand for furniture with modern styling, and the designers W. coni, A. A. M. Grimmon (1884–1953) and Herman Frederik Mertens (1885–1960) produced some designs for wood and tubular-steel furniture (e.g. Barnasconi, sideboard, 1930, see A. H. Jansen: Het industrieel uitgevoerde meubel, Rotterdam, 1935, p. 55; and Grimmon, small oak-dresser, c 1932; Utrecht, Cent. Mus.), a forerunner of the later Pastoe storage cupboards). The modernist-inspired collection designed by Braakman sold well, and UMS was regarded as one of the few companies able to mass-produce good-quality Dutch modern design....


Monique Riccardi-Cubitt

Generic term used for all types of japanning produced in France in the 18th century. It takes its name from the production of the brothers Guillaume Martin (d 1749) and Etienne-Simon Martin (d 1770), from a Parisian family of tailors, who perfected a form of japanning based on copal resin (see Lacquer §I 3., (iii)). The brothers were granted letters of patent on 27 November 1730, renewed on 18 February 1744, for an exclusive monopoly lasting 20 years to make ‘all sorts of works in relief in the manner of Japan and China’. On 15 April 1753 a further renewal of the monopoly stated that the Martin brothers had ‘brought the technique to the highest possible level of perfection’. Two younger brothers, Julien Martin (d 1782, and known as Martin le Jeune) and Robert Martin (1706–65), joined the business after 1748...


Gordon Campbell

(b 1915).

Japanese industrial designer , active in the USA. He worked in Charlotte Perriand ’s Japanese office, and in the 1950s emigated to the USA, where he designed two stools that have since become famous: the fibreglass ‘Elephant’ stool (1954), which was the first all-plastic stool, and the ‘Butterfly’ stool (...