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Record Prices

Record Prices

Record prices do not offer foolproof indication of an artist’s value or the direction of the market. A record public sale may take place after an even larger private transaction, giving the appearance of rising value even if a work has been sold at a loss. Reported record prices are not corrected for transaction costs, nor do they reveal the volatility of the underlying asset. As bubbles are inherent in art price formation, record prices may be a premonition of corrective art market busts.

The Market for Prints

The Market for Prints

The commercial life of a print can begin with a range of players: the printmaker, printer, print publisher, a specialized print-seller, or a print’s owner. The market for prints became more attuned to individual impressions in the 19th century, as the rise of catalogues raisonnés expanded public knowledge about the works of particular printmakers. An individual print’s value could be further enhanced by its ownership history, visible in a volume’s bindings or via owners’ marks on a single print.

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