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John Singer Sargent

Madame X

Although Sargent’s Madame X scandalized viewers and almost derailed his career, he remarked upon its sale, “I suppose it is the best thing I have done.”

Gustave Courbet

Julie Dash - Daughters of the Dust

Strong political views motivated Gustave Courbet, famed for his paintings of the late 1840s and early 1850s depicting peasants and laborers; an enduring opponent of state power, Courbet wrote about the ties between art and politics, and his career influenced the development of modernism.

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Dulwich Pink Gallery

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Pronunciation Guide for Artist Names

Pronunciation Guide for Artist Names

Explore the new Grove Art pronunciation guide to the names of modern and contemporary artists.  Listen to recordings of scholars pronouncing a selection of names from Ann Demeulemeester to Cai Guo-Qiang to Francisco Zúñiga.

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Latin American Art

Grove Art continues a major initiative to revise and expand Grove’s content on Latin American art and architecture. Led by Tom Cummins at Harvard University, this project includes scholarship on topics from the Pre-Columbian period to present day.