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H. V. Trivedi

[Yādava ; Seuna]

Dynasty that ruled parts of the northern Deccan, India, from the 12th century to the 14th. The Yadavas of Devagiri were members of the last Hindu monarchy of the Deccan. They claimed descent from a mythical king, Yadu, but the first historical prince of the house was Dridhaprahara, who began as a vassal of the Rashtrakuta dynasty at Chandor, near Nasik, in the early 9th century. His son and successor, Seunachandra, is said to have named his dominions and subjects after himself. His fourth descendant, Billama II (reg c. 1000), transferred his allegiance to the Chalukyas of Kalyana ( see Chalukya §2 ), who subsequently supplanted the Rashtrakutas. A remote descendant, Billama V (reg c. 1185–93), later captured a major part of the territory of his Chalukya overlord Someshvara IV and proclaimed his independence, establishing his capital at Devagiri ( see Daulatabad ). He also led an aggressive campaign in the north against the ...