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Daedalus I  

15th century, male.

Born c. 1400 BC.

Sculptor, architect, inventor. Mythological subjects.

Ancient Greek.

A legendary figure, said to be the great-grandson of Erechtheus, king of Athens, Daedalus was supposed to have invented the saw, the brace, masts and sails for ships, and a range of other practical devices. According to a familiar story, the council of the Areopagus in Athens banished him to exile in Crete for having killed his nephew out of jealousy. In Crete, according to later sources, he built the Labyrinth (which some have identified as the Minoan palace at Cnossus). He is said to have been the first Greek to carve figures in the round and with separated legs....


Diodotus II  

2nd century, male.

Active in Nicomedia.


Ancient Greek.

Diodotus was the brother of Menodotus, with whom he may have made a statue of Hercules still standing in Rome in the 16th century, and a statue of Mercury at Gaeta.



13th century BC, male.

Activec.1270 BC.

Sculptor, architect.

Ancient Greek.

The mythical Epeius, son of Panopeus, is said by Pausanias to have made the famous Trojan Horse, and a Hermes for the temple of Apollo Lycius in Argos.