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Adam, Patrick William  

British, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 12 October 1854, in Edinburgh; died 1929, in North Berwick.

Painter (including gouache). Interiors with figures, landscapes, urban landscapes, gardens, urban views, architectural views, interiors, portraits.

Having studied at the Royal Scottish Academy under George Paul Chalmers and MacTaggart, Patrick Adam went on to exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy at the age of 18 and at the London Royal Academy ...


Bosquet, Thierry  

Belgian, 20th century, male.

Born 1937, in Ukkel.

Painter, draughtsman. Landscapes, architectural views, gardens, flowers. Stage costumes and sets.

Painted nostalgic views of baroque and Romanesque châteaux, royal gardens, landscapes and flowers.

Bosquet, Thierry/Dasnoy, Philippe: Versailles Disparu, Société des Amis de Versailles, Éd. Acatos, Lausanne, 2001....


Burle-Max, Roberto  

Brazilian, 20th century, male.

Born 1909, in São Paulo.

Painter, architect, landscape artist. Landscapes, still-lifes. Murals.

Burle-Max left for Germany in 1929 where he discovered modern art. On his return to Rio de Janeiro in 1930, he was encouraged to paint landscapes by the architect Lucio Costa. In ...


Gabrielli, Gaspare  

Italian, 19th century, male.

Active in Dublin at the beginning of the 19th century.

Born 1770, in Rome; died 1828.

Painter. Landscapes, urban landscapes, gardens, ruins, architectural views, architectural interiors.

Gaspare Gabrielli appears to have studied in Rome. He arrived in Dublin prior to 1811...


Gao Yang  

Chinese, 17th century, male.


Born in Siming (Zhejiang).

Painter, draughtsman. Landscapes, architectural views, gardens, birds, flowers.

Gao Yang was the son-in-law of Zhao Bei. He painted mostly flowers, birds and rocks, but towards the end of his career also produced landscapes.

Cologne (Mus. für Ostasiatische Kunst): ...


Lin, Maya  

American, 20th–21st century, female.

Active in New York and Colorado.

Born October 1959, in Athens (Ohio).

Sculptor, landscape artist, architect.

Environmental Art, Land Art.

Maya Lin studied architecture at Yale University, obtaining a BA in 1981 and an MA in 1986. In 1987, Yale awarded her an honorary doctorate in fine arts. She taught in the Yale art history department, the school of landscape design at Harvard University, and the Phillips Exeter Academy. She also worked as a design consultant and an architectural designer....


Mccubbin, Frederick  

Australian, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 25 February 1855, in Melbourne; died 20 December 1917, in South Yarra.

Painter. Scenes with figures, genre scenes, landscapes, urban landscapes, architectural views, boats, gardens.

Frederick McCubbin trained at the newly established School of Design at the National Gallery of Melbourne in 1871. He stayed briefly in Europe in 1907. His works are close to those of his contemporaries, the French Impressionists. Like them, he painted out of doors, depicting everyday scenes in muted, neutral colours. His sober compositions testify to his deep attachment to his native Australia....


Nesfield, William Andrews  

British, 19th century, male.

Born 19 February 1793, in Chester-le-Street; died 2 March 1881, in London.

Painter (including gouache), watercolourist, draughtsman. Hunting scenes, landscapes with figures, landscapes, architectural views, gardens, seascapes.

William Andrews Nesfield graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge. He was initially a soldier, but retired after a number of campaigns with the rank of lieutenant. He was an associate, and then a member, of the Society of Painters in Watercolours and exhibited ...


Platt, Charles Adams  

American, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 16 October 1861, in New York; died 12 September 1933, in Cornish.

Painter, engraver, architect, garden designer. Seascapes, landscapes, interiors.

Charles Adams Platt was a student of the National Academy of Design, the Art Students League of New York and of Lefebvre and Boulanger in Paris. He belonged to the American Federation of the Arts. He won a bronze medal at the Paris Exhibition of ...


Sckell, Carl August  

German, 19th century, male.

Born 14 November 1793, in Karlberg, near Zweibrücken; died 10 July 1840, in Munich.


Sckell engraved architectural views and views of gardens. He was also a horticulturist.


Stolerenko, Piotr Kuzmich  

Ukrainian, 20th century, male.

Born 1925, in Kertch (Crimea).

Painter, draughtsman. Historical subjects, genre scenes, landscapes, gardens, architectural views, seascapes, flowers.

Piotr Stolerenko attended the Aivazovsky academy of fine arts and was a pupil of Nikolai Barsamov. He was a member of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia, and was named Artist of the People. He lived in Yalta and liked to express the gentleness and light of the Crimea in his landscapes. He also painted historical revolutionary paintings. He participated in important official exhibitions in his country, and he was one of the artists representing 'Russian Art' in London in ...


Stupar, Marco  

Yugoslav, 20th century, male.

Active in France.

Born 11 November 1936, in Vodenica, Bosnia.

Painter. Scenes with figures, interiors with figures, urban landscapes, architectural views, gardens, still-lifes.

Marco Stupar took drawing classes in Belgrade from 1961 to 1964, then settled in Paris. He painted the popular streets and public gardens of Paris with figures, and captured the atmosphere of Venice caffés and the intimate, serene charm of interiors, using ranges of yellows, reds, blues and oranges. He was awarded a silver medal in 1978 and a gold medal in 1981 by the Salon des Artistes Français. In 1981, he was appointed a member of the Taylor Foundation in Paris....


Vivian, George  

British, 19th century, male.

Born 10 August 1798; died 5 January 1873, in London.

Draughtsman, architect, collector. Topographical views, gardens.

George Vivian drew Spanish landscapes and gardens in Rome and Albano.

London (Victoria and Albert Mus.): several drawings

London, 14 March 1997...


Vries, Hans Vredeman or Jan de  

Dutch, 16th century, male.

Born 1526, in Leeuwarden; died between 1606 and 1609, in Antwerp.

Painter, architect, draughtsman, engraver, designer of ornamental architectural features, decorative artist, art restorer. Religious subjects, landscapes, architectural views, interiors, church interiors, gardens, decorative motifs (grotesques), models (buildings).

Prague School.

Hans Vredeman de Vries was a pupil of Cornelis Floris (Cornelis Cornelis de Vriendt) and studied painting in Amsterdam. He was a great traveller and went to Mechelen, to Antwerp in 1549 and again in 1562 and from 1575 to 1585 and then to Leipzig. In 1586, he went to Frankfurt and then Brunswick, where he was based until 1596. In 1591 he was in Hamburg. Between 1592 and 1595 he worked in Danzig (now Gdansk) where he designed the fortifications and some ornamental motifs and also decorated the town hall and a number of churches. Next he went to Prague (1596-1598), to the court of Rudolph II, and to Amsterdam and The Hague. He had two sons, Salomon and Paul, who worked with him....


Wittmann, Charles  

French, 20th century, male.

Born 1876, in Remiremont (Vosges); died 1953.

Painter. Interiors with figures, street scenes, landscapes, urban landscapes, architectural views, gardens.

Wittmann was the son of Ernest Wittmann and he studied art in Paris. From 1902 - 1914, he exhibited at the Salon de Paris. In ...