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Danish, 20th century, male.

Active also in Germany.

Born 1 September 1938, in Copenhagen.

Painter (oils, watercolours), sculptor, draughtsman, engraver, performance artist, environmental artist. Landscapes.


Fluxus, Nouveaux Fauves.

Per Kirkeby received a doctorate in geology and has participated in several scientific expeditions to Greenland, Central America, Central Asia, and Ireland. In the 1960s, he was a member of the experimental art school in Copenhagen, which was close to the Fluxus group, and, in 1978, was made professor at the fine arts academy in Karlsruhe. He has lived and worked in Copenhagen, on Læsø island (north Jutland), and in Karlsruhe.

Kirkeby’s modes of expression are eclectic: he is a painter, sculptor, and draughtsman, but also a poet and maker of prints, environments, models, films, and documentaries. At the beginning of his career, he was inspired by Surrealism and Pop Art, calling himself a ‘superrealist’. He subsequently produced collages based on a spontaneous form of associationism, which incorporated dried vegetable elements and were sometimes arranged in letter shapes. Later, he became involved in the Fluxus group and took part in performances with Joseph Beuys in Copenhagen, with Immendorf in Aachen, and with Nam June Paik in New York. He also mounted exhibitions that brought together various objects he had gathered during his travels. Nothing remains of his work from this period....


Swiss, 20th century, male.

Active in France from 1946.

Born 17 August 1914, in St Gall; died 1997.

Painter (including mixed media).

Carl Walter Liner's first teacher was his father, who was an Impressionist painter. In 1930 he studied at the school of applied graphic arts in Aarau, then at his father's private academy. He spent some time in Egypt in ...


French, 20th century, male.

Born 10 January 1921, in Paris.

Painter, collage artist. Portraits.

Jean Pierre Osmont first worked under the guidance of the Neo-Impressionist painter Achille Lauge, then joined the group of artists formed by Max Savy, Jean Camberoque, Hans Bellmer and the writers Joë Bousquet, Jean Lebrau and René Nelli. During World War II, he gave up painting and practised music, especially jazz. He is also interested in photography. He lives and works in Cazarès....