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British, 18th – 19th century, male.

Born 1754, in Norwich, baptised 5 June 1754; died 21 or 6 December 1828, in Hatfield, in very reduced circumstances.

Engraver (etching and stippling), illustrator, printmaker, draughtsman. Portraits, architecture, mythology, religious subjects.

The son of John Baldrey the Elder, John Baldrey the Younger entered the Royal Academy School to study engraving in ...


French, 19th century, male.

Born 23 June 1844, in Goderville (Seine-Maritime).

Architect, engraver (etching), watercolourist. Religious subjects, architectural views, urban landscapes.

Architect who studied under Paccardi; won the Prix de Rome in 1867. Also produced a number of etchings.

Le Havre: Mulberry Courtyard at the École des Beaux-Arts...


Italian, 19th century, male.

Born 10 May 1814, in Milan; died 10 September 1886, in Milan.

Painter. Church interiors, architectural views, urban landscapes.

Son of the engraver Michele Bisi, Luigi studied under Migliara and Durelli and taught at the academy in Milan. He painted church exteriors and interiors....


French, 19th century, male.

Born 29 April 1806, in Lyons; died 1873, in Hyères (Var).

Painter, engraver. Religious subjects, landscapes, landscapes with figures, seascapes.

Grégoire was the son of L.C. Flachéron, the architect of the city of Lyons. He studied there at the École des Beaux-Arts ...


Italian, 19th century, male.

Born 1806, in Naples,; died 1876, in Naples.

Painter (including gouache), watercolourist, engraver, lithographer, draughtsman. Religious subjects, genre scenes, landscapes, landscapes with figures, architectural views.

Giacinto Gigante studied painting first with Huber and then with Antonie Pitloo. In 1846 he accompanied the emperor and empress of Russia to Sicily, and was then appointed drawing master to the family of Ferdinand II. He won a first prize in Brussels. Among his paintings is ...


German, 19th century, male.

Born 18 March 1816, in Berlin; died 8 April 1884, in Berlin.

Painter, watercolourist, draughtsman (including ink), engraver. Historical subjects, church interiors, landscapes, architectural views.

Graeb studied with his father-in-law, J Gerst, and at the academy of art in Berlin. After visiting Switzerland, France and various parts of Italy, he returned to Berlin, where he was appointed painter to the court of Frederick William IV and Queen Elizabeth. He became a member of the academies of art in Amsterdam and Vienna, and of the Brussels society of watercolourists. He received awards between 1852 and 1875, the most notable being at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1855....


French, 19th century, male.

Born 1784, in Rouen.

Painter, lithographer, architect. Religious subjects, landscapes, church interiors.

A pupil of David and Bertin, Alexis Milon was also an architect. He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1808-1852.

Cambrai: Church interior

Rome: Interior of the church of San Stefano al Monte...


Dutch, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 25 February 1874, in Amsterdam; died 1943.

Painter, engraver (etching), lithographer. Figures, portraits, scenes with figures, church interiors, architectural interiors, animals, landscapes with figures, landscapes, still-lifes.

Martin Monnickendam studied in Amsterdam and in Paris. Examples of his work featured at ...


German, 18th – 19th century, male.

Born 22 September 1738, in Rudolstadt; died 13 November 1819, in Frankfurt am Main.

Painter, engraver, draughtsman. Architectural views, church interiors.

Johann Ludwig Ernst Morgenstern was the son of Johann Christoph and father of Johann Friedrich Morgenstern. In 1768, he went to Hamburg, and in ...


German, 19th century, male.

Born 13 August 1778, in Munich; died 2 April 1815, in Munich.

Painter, engraver (burin), architect. Architectural views, landscapes, ruins. Church decoration, theatre decoration.

Angelo Quaglio was the elder son and student of Giuseppe Quaglio and brother of Domenico Quaglio the younger. He painted pictures for Cologne Cathedral and decorations for the theatre at the court in Munich. He engraved landscapes and views of Italian ruins....


German, 18th – 19th century, female.

Born 1760, in Nuremberg; died 1818.

Engraver. Religious subjects, landscapes, urban landscapes, harbour scenes, architectural views, animals.

Regina Quarry studied under J.G. Prestel. She was also active in Paris. Her works include: Monuments in Paris, after Hub Robert; St Cloud...


Swiss, 19th century, male.

Born 18 December 1805, in Les Éplatures, near La Chaux-de-Fonds; died 18 or 24 December 1871, in Ried-sur-Bienne (Bern).

Painter, lithographer. Genre scenes, figures, portraits, architectural views, church interiors, landscapes with figures.

Aurèle was the younger brother, by 11 years, of Léopold Louis Robert. He started off as a clock engraver. In ...


British, 19th century, male.

Born 24 October 1796, in Edinburgh; died 25 November 1864, in London.

Painter, watercolourist, lithographer, designer. Landscapes, urban landscapes, architectural views, church interiors, interiors, ruins. Stage sets.


David Roberts came from a humble background and was initially apprenticed to a painter-decorator, but soon turned his hand to stage set design. In ...


Austrian, 19th century, male.

Born 1779, in Vienna; died 26 January 1853, in Vienna.

Painter, engraver (etching). Church interiors, landscapes with figures, landscapes, architectural views.

Johann Schödlberger engraved etchings of landscapes. After travelling a great deal to study, he settled in Vienna where he became a member of the academy in 1835....


German, 19th century, male.

Active during the first half of the 19th century.

Painter, lithographer. Church interiors, architectural interiors.

Troll was active in Dresden and Hirschberg.

Jelenia Góra: Interior of the Catholic Church at Hirschberg; Interior of Schloss Fischbach, with Frederick Wilhelm II


French, 19th century, male.

Active in Paris.

Born 1798; died 1823, in Paris.

Painter, lithographer. Historical subjects, figures, genre scenes, church interiors, architectural views, landscapes, ruins, still-lifes.

Truchot made his Salon debut in 1819 and was awarded a silver medal in 1822, a year before his premature death. He worked for the Duke of Orléans (later King Louis-Philippe) and painted chiefly architectural themes, feudal castles, cloister interiors and churches. He also travelled to England, where he painted Canterbury Cathedral. He was a close friend of Xavier le Prince, who occasionally painted human figures for Truchot's compositions....


Italian, 19th century, male.

Born 15 January 1775, in Strigno (Veneto); died 1846, in Vienna.

Painter (?), engraver (stippling). Religious subjects, figures, portraits, genre scenes, landscapes, seascapes, architectural views.

A pupil of Friedrich Heinrich Füger in Vienna, Davis Weiss lived in Italy before settling in Vienna. He engraved landscapes, portraits, genre subjects, religious subjects and also worked for almanacs. He engraved by stippling....