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Irene Bald Romano

Image of a divinity that served in antiquity as a focal-point for worship and cult rituals. Most cult statues were housed in temples or shrines, although outdoor worship of images is also attested. Although aniconic worship (i.e. of a non-anthropomorphic symbol of a deity such as a rock or pillar) is known in Near Eastern, Greek and Roman cults, most deities by the late 2nd millennium ...


3rd – 2nd century, male.

Sculptor, founder. Historical figures. Statues.

Ancient Etruscan.

Florence (Mus. Archeologico): L'Arringatore (The Orator), Statue of Aulus Metilius



6th century, male.

Active in Rome during the second half of the 6th century BC.


Ancient Etruscan.

According to Pliny, Volca made a statue of Jupiter and a quadriga for the temple of Capitoline Jupiter.