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7th – 6th century BC, male.

Born on Melos.

Painter, sculptor.

Ancient Greek.

Ecphantus was born on the island of Melos, and left his inscription on a marble column that was taken from there to Venice in 1755. Today it is in Berlin. Nothing definite is known about his abilities as a painter....


7th century BC, male.

Born c. 7th century BC, in Corinth.

Sculptor, painter.

Ancient Greek.

Eucheir, according to Pliny the Elder, travelled with Damaratus and Eugrammus to Etruria. He was a potter, and can probably be identified with the artist who, according to Aristotle, invented painting in Greece....


Chinese, 8th century, male.

Active in Chang’an during the Tang dynasty in the first half of the 8th century.

Painter, sculptor. Murals.

Yang Huizhi sculpted clay landscapes and Buddhist figures, and painted frescoes.