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Australian painter, printmaker, book designer, lecturer, collector, gallery director and publisher of limited edition artists’ books, of Irish decent. He worked as a draughtsman before entering war service in the British Admiralty from 1940 to 1949, including five years in Colombo, where he made sketching trips to jungle temples with the Buddhist monk and artist Manjsiro Thero. Between ...


Australian painter and writer . He attended the West London School of Art and, following the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, the Académie Julian in Paris. In 1878 the newspaper owner David Syme invited Ashton to Melbourne to produce black-and-white illustrations for the Illustrated Australian News...


Betsy L. Chunko

French architectural historian, active also in America. Bony was educated at the Sorbonne, receiving his agregation in geography and history in 1933. In 1935, converted to art history by Henri(-Joseph) Focillon, he travelled to England under a research grant from the Sorbonne, after which time he became Assistant Master in French at Eton College (...


Australian, 20th century, male.

Active also active in the USA.

Born 30 January 1885, in Kew (Melbourne); died 11 February 1969, in London.

Painter, draughtsman, stage set designer, engraver (etching, linocut), illustrator, writer, critic. Scenes with figures, portraits.

London Group.

Horace Brodzky was born in Australia but ultimately settled in Britain. In ...


Miles Lewis

Australian architect and writer. He graduated in architecture at the University of Sydney in 1962, began a private practice with Ian McKay (1963–6) and won a number of major awards. The firm of Philip Cox & Associates was established in 1967, and Cox developed a substantial interest in conservation and in Australian architectural history, with publications from ...


Gavin Fry

Australian illustrator, painter and writer. He studied under Dattilo Rubbo (1871–1955) in Sydney before travelling to London to work (1935–6) under Mark Gertler and Bernard Meninsky (1891–1950). Extensive travel through Africa on his return journey to Australia helped develop his love of the exotic and an interest in non-Western art. In the early 1940s he worked in close association with Russell Drysdale, making a reputation as a talented figure and landscape draughtsman and colourist. He enlisted in the Australian army in ...


Christine Clark

Australian painter, writer, critic and administrator. He studied at the East Sydney Technical College from 1934 to 1936 and was represented in the first Contemporary Art Society exhibition in 1938. Gleeson is widely regarded as Australia’s leading Surrealist, often compared in style to Dalí. His work is frequently described as macabre, threatening and erotic, and his forms range from the recognizable to indeterminate imagery from the darker depths of the mind, as in the ...


Roslyn F. Coleman

Australian architect, theorist and writer of English birth. He trained as an architect in London from 1881 and then worked in various architectural offices there. He emigrated to Australia in 1889 and worked in various states before settling in Melbourne in 1899. He designed a number of offices, residences, churches and other public buildings, often for other architects. Through this work and his teachings and writings, he influenced many Australian architects by his strong principles of originality and simplicity in design, harmony and balance in composition, and national sentiment. These principles were closely allied with those of English architects working in the ...


Paula Furby

Australian printmaker, painter, novelist and teacher. Hanrahan studied at Adelaide Teachers College and the South Australian School of Art (1957–63) and Central School of Art, London (1963–6). She lectured in art at Western Teachers College and the South Australian School of Art in Adelaide and in England at Falmouth School of Art and Portsmouth College of Art. Hanrahan was a prolific printmaker and novelist whose two oeuvres are related both thematically and in the richness of detail. Her printmaking was inspired by the teaching of the German artists Udo Sellbach (...


David P. Millar

Australian photographer, film producer, film maker and writer. He was introduced to photography while working at a steel foundry in Lithgow, NSW, when his foreman would take him on photographic excursions into the nearby Blue Mountains. After an apprenticeship with a photographic postcard firm, where he gained a reputation for achieving spectacular effects with the camera, he was appointed official photographer to the Australian geologist and explorer ...


Louise Cox

Australian architect, teacher and writer. He studied at the University of Sydney (BArch 1951) and in 1955 became a partner in McConnel, Smith & Johnson. Early work included his own house (1963) at Chatswood, Sydney, integrated with its steep, wooded site and built with exposed timber and brick (...


Philip Goad

Australian architect and writer. Inspired by a visit in 1940 to the adobe and pisé buildings of Montsalvat, the artists’ colony at Eltham, Victoria, he became a leading designer of mud-brick houses. His participatory building process and the alternative lifestyles of his artistic clients complemented the earth-building tradition of Eltham and the surrounding areas, which was to blossom in the late 1960s and 1970s. Notable mud-brick designs at Eltham by Knox include his first, the Frank English house (...


Rosemary T. Smith

Australian draughtsman, painter and writer. Born into a family that produced fine artists, his early skill in drawing and reading was encouraged by relatives. He received his only formal training in 1897 at the art colony run by Walter Withers at ‘Charterisville’ in Heidelberg. In ...


American, 20th century, female.

Born in Washington.

Painter, engraver, designer, writer.

Frances del Mar was the pupil of T.R. Fleury in Paris, and of Rolshoven in London. She executed murals and paintings in New Zealand and the South Sea Islands, for the American Museum of Natural History. She also decorated the New Zealand Pavilion for the Universal Exhibition in New York in ...


English illustrator, draughtsman, writer and painter, active in Australia. She was educated at home and was taught by Thomas Lawrence to paint portrait miniatures on ivory. In 1832, at the age of 20, she earned the respect of Henry Parkes (later Premier of New South Wales, Australia) for her writings in support of the Chartist movement, begun in Birmingham in that year. In ...


New Zealander, 20th century, male.

Active from 1939 in Australia.

Born 20 August 1893, in Wellington; died 5 May 1964, in Sydney.

Painter, writer.

Godfrey C. Miller began his studies in New Zealand with Alfred O'Keeffe, then attended the Slade School of Fine Art in London. He travelled a great deal in Europe after World War I, and also in the Far East. He settled in Australia permanently in ...


Megan Tamati-Quennell

Maori painter, sculptor, writer and film maker. His tribal affiliation is Ngati Kuri, Te Aupouri, Te Paatu, Ngati Rehia, Murikahara, Te Whakatohea. He studied at Ardmore and Dunedin Teachers’ College, but he left teaching in 1962 to concentrate on his art, holding his first one-man show at the Ikon Gallery in Auckland in the same year. He was largely self-taught as a painter and sculptor, believing ‘all creative artists are self-taught’. His philosophy of art closely followed the view of Picasso, whom he much admired, that artists should be honest to their own personal experiences and strengths. Muru’s paintings have often been characterized by their narrative political content, from the series telling the story of Parihaka (...


British, 19th – 20th century, male.

Active in Australia from 1865 toc.1879.

Born 1849, in Stirling; died 1921 or 1923.

Painter, watercolourist, illustrator, author. Landscapes, seascapes.

Herkis Hume Nisbet studied art as a pupil of Sam Bough. He travelled extensively in Australia, arriving there for the first time at the age of 16, in ...


Daniel Palmer

New Zealand photographer, painter, curator and writer, active also in Australia. North began photographing and painting as a teenager, producing photographs as ‘notes for paintings’ from his motorbike in the early to mid-1960s. He completed a certificate of General Design at the School of Design, Wellington (...


Bernice Murphy

Australian conceptual and performance artist, film maker and writer. He began writing poetry as a student at Queensland University (1965–6). Although he attended the National Art School at Darlinghurst, Sydney (1968), he was largely self-taught as an artist. He first became known for his conceptual works, filmed actions and performances and typescript pieces in ...