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Argentinian, 20th century, male.

Active also active in Italy.

Born 1892, in Tenque-Lauquen; died 1978.


Futurism, Neo-Constructivism.

Grupo Madí.

In 1908, Bay emigrated from the outskirts of Buenos Aires to Milan. He studied drawing and painting until 1914. From 1911 in Milan and throughout Italy until ...


Argentinian, 20th century, male.

Active in Italy, active in France from 1953.

Born 1 October 1892, in La Plata, to Italian parents; died 1971.

Painter, collage artist. Figure compositions, landscapes, still-lifes.


Emilio Pettoruti began painting and drawing at a young age, and went to Florence to study the Renaissance masters in 1913. He soon came into contact with the Futurists, such as Marinetti, Soffici, Boccioni, Russolo and Carrà. In 1917, he went to Rome, joining Balla and de Chirico's group, and collaborated on avant-garde journals in Milan. He then travelled to Vienna, to Munich in 1921 and to Berlin in 1922. In 1924, he was in Paris, and met Juan Gris and Severini. That same year, he returned to Argentina, where he would settle for a period of 30 years. He was named director of the Museo Nacional de La Plata in 1930, and played an important role in the artistic development of Argentina. He was removed from his position by the dictator Peron in 1947; he subsequently returned to Europe, arriving in Paris in 1953....


Cuban, 20th century, male.

Active in Francec.1930, then active in Mexico 1960-1986.

Born 1902, in Havana; died August 1988, in Havana.


Pogolotti was a Futurist in Paris in the 1930s. He had to go into exile in Mexico between 1960 and 1986...


Roberta K. Tarbell

American sculptor and painter. Robus studied painting with Henry G. Keller (1869–1949) at the Cleveland School of Art (1903–7) and with Emil Carlsen and Edgar M. Ward (1839–1915) at the National Academy of Design, New York (1907–9). Robus supported himself by designing ivory and gold jewellery in the Cleveland Arts and Crafts Workshop of Horace Potter (...



Diane Tepfer

American collectors. Lydia Winston [née Kahn] (b Detroit, MI, 13 Nov 1897; d New York, 14 Oct 1989), ceramicist and daughter of Albert Kahn, and her husband Harry Lewis Winston (d 1965) became the major collectors of Italian Futurist art outside Italy. Lydia Winston studied ceramics at the Cranbrook Academy of Art and for a short while designed ceramics for the ...