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Gordon Campbell

French term for openwork, used in the decorative arts principally with reference to metalwork, bookbinding and heraldry. In metalwork, it denotes the piercing or perforation of sheet metal, a practice found as early as the ancient Egyptian period. In bookbinding, the term ajouré binding refers to a style that emerged in late 15th-century Venice in which bindings were embellished with pierced or translucent patterns, typically open designs of foliage. In heraldry, an ...


French, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 11 January 1953, in Saïda.

Painter, pastellist, sculptor, engraver, draughtsman, illustrator. Designs for stained glass.

Figuration Libre, Citationism.

Jean-Michel Albérola lived in Algeria until 1962. He then went to France, living successively in several cities, including Marseilles, Toulouse, Avignon and Paris. He studied in Marseilles and in Aix-en-Provence. Until ...


French, 20th century, male.

Active in Algeria, France and Canada.

Born 1923, in Douera (Algeria).

Painter, illustrator. Portraits.


Maurice Assier's early artistic leanings were towards music. He then took classes at the École des Beaux-Arts in Algiers. After 1945 he illustrated books and exhibited at the Salon du Livre in Algiers in ...


Kirk Ambrose

Lithuanian art historian, scholar of folklore and Egyptology, and diplomat of Russian birth. Son of the celebrated Lithuanian Symbolist poet of the same name, Jurgis Baltrušaitis II studied under Henri(-Joseph) Focillon at the Sorbonne and earned the PhD in 1931. The concerns of his mentor are evident in ...


Egyptian, 20th century, female.

Active in Lebanon.

Born 1945, in Alexandria.

Painter, graphic designer, illustrator. Figure compositions, figures.

Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui studied for two years at the American University in Beirut, Lebanon, and completed her higher education at the University of Arizona in Tucson where she was awarded a diploma in graphic art and painting. She also won the first prize at the university's exhibition of students' works in ...


Tunisian, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 16 January 1947, in Tunis.

Illustrator, caricaturist, painter.

Belkhamsa Chedli spent two brief periods at the schools of fine art in Tunis and Paris. He works mostly for Tunisian newspapers and magazines. In 1983, he was awarded first prize for his cartoons by the association of Tunisian journalists. As well as his work as a cartoonist, he has also painted acrylics on canvas, works that display considerable care, precision and elegance. The themes of these paintings are taken from the world of fantasy, and are painted in cartoon style....


Algerian, 20th century, male.

Active in France since 1953.

Born 1931, in Mestghanem.

Painter, engraver, illustrator, painter (gouache), watercolourist. Designs for tapestries.

Abdallah Benanteur began his artistic studies at the school of fine art in Oran, completing them at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris. He settled in Paris in 1953. From 1972 to 1976, he taught in the architecture department of the École des Beaux-Arts and at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris....


Flemish, 15th – 16th century, male.

Died in Ghent.

Painter, miniaturist, illustrator. Religious subjects.

Bruges School, Flemish School.

The first member of his family to be an artist, Alexander Bening was to be followed by a number of Flemish miniaturists of particular importance in 16th-century Flanders. He entered the Ghent painters' guild on ...


Flemish, 16th century, male.

Born c., in Ghent; died, in Bruges.

Painter, miniaturist, illuminator.

Bruges School, Flemish School.

Simon Bening was the elder son of Alexander Bening. He entered the Guild of St John and St Luke in Bruges in 1508. Other sources suggest that he was a master in Bruges in ...


French, 20th century, male.

Born 1897, in Oran, Algeria; died 1984, in Pau.

Painter, draughtsman, illustrator. Local scenes, landscapes.


School of Algiers.

A former student of Casa Velázquez, Charles Brouty went on to win Algeria's Grand Prix Artistique in 1934. He is mainly known as a draughtsman and illustrator of books....


French, 20th century, male.

Born 8 March 1911, in Paris.

Painter, illustrator. Landscapes with figures. Stage costumes and sets.

Chauffrey travelled in Spain, Italy, Greece, the USA and Morocco; he brought back personal studies from these countries. He exhibited regularly in Paris, at the Salon d'Automne, the Salon de Mai and the Salon des Tuileries. Chauffrey created the sets and costumes for ...


French, 20th century, male.

Active in the USA from 1967.

Born 1934, in Oran, Algeria; died 1983.

Draughtsman, mixed media, performance artist. Artists' books.

Conceptual Art.

In 1967, Guy de Cointet left for the USA, where he worked as an assistant to Larry Bell in New York, before moving to Los Angeles. His work and his philosophy, derived from Structuralism, are connected to word-making signs, in experiments in books evolving towards images. The inventor of a new language, Guy de Cointet's artistic books and graphic works are close to concrete poetry: ...


French, 20th century, male.

Born 14 February 1925, in Alexandria, Egypt.

Painter, engraver, illustrator, graphic designer. Posters, wall decorations, designs for tapestries, designs for carpets.

From 1942, Jean Cortot studied under Othon Friesz at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière, and together with Busse, Calmettes, Patrix and others, was a co-founder of the ...


Persian School, 18th century, male.

Calligrapher, illuminator.

This artist was a pupil of Hasan the Egyptian.


French, 19th century, male.

Born 4 February 1841, in Nîmes; died 5 March 1895, in St-Eugène, Algeria.

Painter (gouache), watercolourist, draughtsman, illustrator. History painting, genre scenes, local scenes.


Charles Delort studied at the naval college in Lorient before deciding to become a painter. He was admitted to the École des Beaux-Arts in 1864 and studied with Gleyre and Gérôme. He made his debut at the Paris Salon the same year, and was awarded a second class medal in 1882. He travelled to Egypt with Gérôme and returned to France via the Maghreb, where he found inspiration for large-scale compositions on Orientalist themes, which met with considerable success. As a result, he worked extremely intensely, and had a stroke that left his right hand paralysed. He learnt to paint with his left hand until complete paralysis overtook him....


Egyptian, 20th century, male.

Born 1940, in Cairo.

Painter, watercolourist, illustrator, decorative artist. Decorative motifs. Stage costumes and sets, designs for jewellery.

A pupil at the Académie Julian, the École des Arts Decoratifs and the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, Georges Doche went on to show his work in several public exhibitions and, in particular, at the Salon des Artistes Indépendants in Paris, as well as at several private galleries in Geneva, Tokyo and London. He had a number of solo exhibitions, including in Paris (...


Tunisian, 20th century, male.

Active also active in France.

Born 1918, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Painter, illustrator, draughtsman. Cartoon films.

Hatem El Mekki was born in Indonesia but moved to Tunisia in 1924. He started to exhibit his works at the Salon Tunisien in 1934. In ...


Moroccan, 20th – 21st century, female.

Active in France.

Born 1950, in Casablanca.

Painter, sculptor, sculptor of assemblages, draughtswoman, illustrator.

Sylvia Elharar-Lemberg studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and at the art teachers training college in Tel Aviv. Her paintings and drawings create the effect of transparency and obliteration, often starting from the square design of a tetragram. She also creates assemblages, such as mysterious grills, iron rods placed alongside labels and photographic plates. Sylvia Elharar-Lemberg has shown at group exhibitions in France since ...


French, 20th century, male.

Born 1932, in Bône (now Annaba), Algeria.

Painter, illustrator.

Aimé Esposito-Farèse became a Protestant minister without giving up his artistic vocation. The subject of his 1957 thesis was Contemporary Painting and Religious Art ( Peinture Contemporain et Art Sacré). From ...


French, 20th century, male.

Born 5 May 1931, in Lanobre.

Painter, engraver, illustrator.

Robert Floret studied in Clermont-Ferrand and Rabat, Morocco. He exhibits in provincial salons in Marseilles, Cannes and Vichy in particular.