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Spanish, 11th – 12th century, male.

Active at the end of the 11th century and at the beginning of the 12th century.

Born to a family originally from the Berga region.


This artist painted the frescoes in the Mozarabic church of S Quirce that are preserved in the museums of Solsona and Barcelona. Although some experts have attributed to him the decorations of the apse of the cupola of Sta Maria Esterri in Aneu, J. Lassaigne does not think they are his work. Nor does he think that the paintings of S Pedro, Burgal should be attributed to him. The resemblances between these works can almost certainly be explained by the existence of a school centred on the Master. He gives new life to the scenes he depicts and renders daily life simply and sometimes with humour. In contrast with the Master of Tahull, he does not comply with the strict rules of Byzantine art, and he allows his individuality, feeling, and even imagination to shine through. His colours no longer simply follow the stylistic criteria of a traditional iconography, but are far more natural....