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Ulrike Lehmann

French painter, sculptor, performance artist and writer.

He was the son of the Dutch-born painter Fred Klein (b 1898), whose work was representational, and Marie Raymond (b 1908), who developed a reputation in the 1950s as an abstract artist, and whose abstraction was influential on the development of her son’s work. Although he had had no formal art training, he was already making his first serious attempts at painting by ...


Ukrainian, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 1968, in Kiev, Ukrainian Socialist Republic (now Ukraine).

Post-conceptual painting, Ukrainian New Wave, postmodern art.

Maksym Mamsikov was born in Kiev, in the family of the artists who belonged to the generation of the 1960s known for their adversarial position towards the Soviet authorities and the official art of Socialist Realism. The inherited spirit of dissidence was revealed when Mamsikov joined forces with other young Ukrainian artists working in self-organised artistic spaces during the Perestroika period, including the famous art squat Paris Commune (...


Deborah A. Middleton

American group of artists active in the 1950s and 1960s who were part of a movement that was reacting to Minimalism, Abstract Expressionism and conceptual art by choosing to represent traditional subjects of nudes, portraiture, still lifes, landscapes and urban street scenes that often were plain and ordinary. The rise of consumerism and mass production inspired New Realist artists who returned to representing subjects as everyday and common visual encounters and experiences. The New Realist movement is in contrast to earlier forms of realism practiced by European artists whose works embody idealism or romanticize the commonality of the subject. New Realism is also associated with the emergence of ...


Marco Livingstone

American painter, sculptor, printmaker, photographer, and performance artist. While too much of an individualist ever to be fully a part of any movement, he acted as an important bridge between Abstract Expressionism and Pop art and can be credited as one of the major influences in the return to favour of representational art in the USA. As iconoclastic in his invention of new techniques as in his wide-ranging iconography of modern life, he suggested new possibilities that continued to be exploited by younger artists throughout the latter decades of the 20th century....