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Italian, 18th century, male.

Active Milanese, active at the beginning of the 18th century.

Engraver, draughtsman.

A little-known artist who produced a certain number of etchings of battles and allegorical subjects based on his own drawings.


British, 18th – 19th century, male.

Born 1763, in Exeter; died 1851.

Painter, watercolourist, engraver, draughtsman, illustrator. Landscapes with figures, natural history (animals/insects).

John White Abbott took up painting initially as a hobby but became well known for his landscapes with animals and human figures. He was particularly influenced by the lesser Dutch masters, notably Peter de Laes. His work sufficiently impressed contemporaries such as Sir Joshua Reynolds and Benjamin West that they urged him to exhibit at the Royal Academy, and he submitted work to the Academy between ...


German, 18th century, male.

Born c. 1720, in Zerbst; died c. 1790, in Darmstadt.

Miniaturist, watercolourist, pastellist, engraver, draughtsman.

Brother of E. H. Abel, Ernst August Abel was a rootless artist in his early career. He lived and worked in London, Hamburg, Paris and Frankfurt. In ...


German, 18th – 19th century, male.

Born 22 August 1764, in Aschach; died 1818, in Vienna.

Painter, engraver. Mythological subjects, portraits.

Joseph Abel's remarkable abilities became evident at a very early age. Taken on by Füger, he made such rapid progress that he was soon painting. He caught the attention of the head of the Czartoryski family, who took the young artist to Poland. There he did various works before moving to Rome, arriving in ...


Swiss, 18th century, male.

Born 1723, in Winterthur; died 1786, in Bern.

Painter, watercolourist, pastellist, engraver. Landscapes, mountainscapes.

Johann Ludwig Aberli was a member of a family with a long artisan tradition. Initially a pupil of Felix Meyer, from 1741 he worked at Johann Grimm's school in Bern. When Grimm died in ...


Jeanne-Marie Horat-Weber

(b Winterthur, Nov 14, 1723; d Berne, Oct 17, 1786).

Swiss painter, draughtsman and engraver. In 1741 he moved to Berne, where he took drawing lessons with Johann Grimm (1675–1747), whose school of drawing he took over in 1747. He visited the Bernese Oberland with Emanuel Handmann, Christian Georg Schütz (1718–91) and Friedrich Wilhelm Hirt (1721–72) in 1759 and in the same year travelled to Paris with Adrian Zingg (1734–86). This was his only trip abroad, but it determined him to work exclusively as a landscape painter. After nine months he returned to Berne, where his landscape views became popular, particularly with foreign travellers, enamoured of ‘Nature’ and keen to retain souvenirs of their travels. He was one of the first artists to portray the beauties of the Swiss countryside; his favourite subjects were the Aare Valley and views of Swiss lakes (e.g. View of Erlach on the Lake of Biel; Berne, Kstmus.). He invented a technique known as the ...


British, 18th century, male.

Active 1738-1753.

Painter, engraver. Portraits.

J. Aberry is known for his 1753 portrait of Sir Walkin William Wynne painted in the manner of Worlidge to illustrate a publication by Boydell.

London, 17 July 1987: John Perceval, 1st Earl of Egmont and his Wife Catherine...


German, 18th century, male.

Active in Berlin at the end of the 18th century.

Engraver (burin), draughtsman.

Associated with him is a portrait of Rabbi Hirsch Lobell, engraved from a Kruger original in 1798. In 1787 and 1788 he exhibited several drawings and engravings at the royal academy in Berlin....


British, 18th – 19th century, male.

Active at the end of the 18th and at the beginning of the 19th century.

Painter, engraver. Architectural views.

S. Acton lived in London between 1791 and 1802 and exhibited at the Royal Academy.



French, 18th century, male.

Active at the end of the 18th century.

Draughtsman, engraver (etching).

According to C. Blanc, Adam, who worked after Perignon, left six landscapes.