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A'becket, Maria J. C.  

American, 19th century, female.

Born in Portland (Maine); died 1904, in New York.



A. B.  


Monogram attributed to Abraham Bosse.


A. B., Master With the Initials  

Spanish, 16th century, male.

Active during the first half of the 16th century.

Painter. Religious subjects.

The master painted an altarpiece in Segovia signed A.B., seven panels of which can be found in the Prado in Madrid. His work shows the influence of Gerard David....


A. C., Master of the Initials  

16th century, male.

Painter. Portraits.

Lived and worked in France towards the end of the 16th century.

Monaco, 16 June 1989: Portrait of a Woman (oil on panel, 13¾ × 10½ ins/35 × 26.5 cm) FRF 333,000


A. D.  

17th century, male.

Monogram of a draughtsman.

A monogram found on Indian ink drawings dated to 1633.


A. D. B.  

16th century (?), male.

Monogram of a painter.

Believed to be the monogram of Abraham de Bruyn. Defer cites a full-length portrait with this monogram of Isabella of Austria, wife of Charles IX, dressed in a resplendent gown. The figure is turned to the left and holds her gloves in her left hand and a fan in her right....


A. D., Master of the Initials  

16th century, male.

Painter. History painting.

Bryan's Dictionary cites this artist as being born in Austria or Westphalia and justifies his inclusion on the grounds of an altarpiece dated 1511 and preserved in Vienna. The altarpiece in question no longer features in the catalogue of the imperial gallery in Vienna....


A. H. D.  

15th – 17th century (?), male.

Monogram of a painter.

Cited by Ris-Paquot.


A. M.  

German, 14th – 17th century (?), male.

Monogram of a draughtsman, engraver (wood).

The monogram A. M. is found on an engraving on wood of a View of the Town of Meissen.


A. N.  

German, 17th century, male.

Monogram of a painter.

A.N. is thought to have worked in Leipzig. One of his works is dated 1600.


A. R.  

Dutch School, 17th century, male.

Monogram of a painter. Portraits.

The painter known as A. R. was working in 1610. According to the catalogue, the monogram found on a work in the Hanover art gallery is rather unclear but is believed to be the initials A. R. and the date ...


A. T. E.  

15th – 17th century (?), male.

Monogram of a draughtsman, engraver (wood).

Monogram found on a three-plate chiaroscuro etching of Absalom's Death at the Hands of Joab.


A. W.  

German, 17th – 18th century, male.

Painter. Still-lifes.

Active as a painter in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Cologne: Peaches, Plums, Figs and Grapes (signed with the monogram A. W.)


Aa, Cornelis Johannes van der  

Dutch, 20th century, male.

Born 1883; died 1950.

Painter. Urban landscapes.

Amsterdam, 5 June 1990: View of Rome with St Angel Castle and the Tiber (1925, oil on canvas, 25½ × 52¼ ins/65 × 132.5 cm) NLG 1,150


Aa, Dirk van der  

Dutch, 18th century, male.

Active also active in France.

Born 1731, in The Hague; died 1809.

Painter, decorative artist. Allegorical subjects.

Dirck van der Aa was originally a pupil of Johann Heinrich Keller, and later of Gerrit Mes. He had a remarkable gift for composition and execution and was a talented colourist and draughtsman - all the qualities required to be a fine decorative artist. Later in his career he worked in partnership with his former teacher Gerrit Mes. Decorative panels for carriages were very fashionable at the period and the two artists established a strong reputation in this field. One of van der Aa's most important pieces is a room he decorated in the house of Baron de Heeckeren in The Hague. He is also known for the decoration he executed for the arrival of William IV at The Hague on ...


Aa, Edith van der  

Dutch, 20th century, female.

Born in Cilacap (Java), Indonesia.

Painter. Portraits, still-lifes.

Edith van der Aa exhibited some still-lifes and her Portrait of A.H. Lemaître at the Paris Salon des Indépendants in the 1930s.


Aa, Hillebrand van der  

Dutch, 18th century, male.

Active at the beginning of the 18th century.

Died 4 January 1742, in Leiden.

Painter, draughtsman, illustrator.

Leiden School.

Hillebrand van der Aa is believed to have been related to Pietersz. Boudewyn and Hillebrand van der Aa. He served an apprenticeship in the bookselling trade but, at the same time, developed his skills in the fine arts and was admitted to the Leiden painters' guild on ...


Aa, Jacob van der  

Dutch, 18th century, male.

Born during the second half of the 18th century, in The Hague; died 1776, in The Hague, at a young age.

Painter. Portraits.

Jacob van der Aa was a pupil of his uncle, the painter and decorative artist Dirk van der Aa. His name appears in the register of the guild of painters of The Hague in ...


Aachen, Johann or Hans von  

or Ach

German, 16th–17th century, male.

Active also in Rome.

Born 1552, in Cologne; died 6 January 1616, in Prague.

Painter. Religious subjects, allegorical subjects, mythological subjects, portraits, genre scenes.

Prague School.

Johann Aachen named himself after the town of Aachen, Germany, where his family came from and where his father was born. He showed a remarkable talent for drawing from a very young age and as a result was sent, at 16, to study under Jerrigh, a Flemish painter who had settled in Cologne. Aachen worked as his apprentice for nearly six years, studying the works of Spronghen in particular, who was then at the height of his fame. He went to Venice around 1574, where the works of Tintoretto made a profound impression on him. In 1575, he went to Rome, where his works attracted attention. He remained in Italy until 1587. He subsequently went to Cologne and then Munich in 1589, on the invitation of William V, Duke of Bavaria. From 1592, he worked as a painter to the court of Rudolf II, which moved to Prague in 1596. He was one of several court artists sent around Europe by Rudolf II to buy works of art for the imperial collection. In 1602, he was awarded the title of advisor to the emperor. He kept his title and duties after the death of Rudolf and the accession of Emperor Matthias....


Aadnes, Peder Pedersen  

Norwegian, 18th century, male.

Born 16 August 1739, in Land; died 1792, in Ringerike.

Painter. Allegorical subjects, portraits, landscapes with figures.

Although his father was a farmer, as a young man Aadnes showed an obvious interest in the fine arts. In January 1770 he was sent to Christiania (now Oslo) to study with the well-known portrait painter Christian Tonning, from whom he acquired the basic techniques. In ...