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16th – 18th century, male.


The Kilian family has an important place in the history of engraving. From the 16th century to the 18th their name occurs on almost 700 catalogued items, chiefly portraits and also subjects from mythology, topography and religion.


Indian, 18th century, male.

Active between 1755 and 1785.


Mir Chand imitated the art both of Persian 16th century miniatures and European artists. He frequently reworked European paintings, especially portraits, in the style of Persian miniatures, as in his Nawab Vazir of the Oudh Shuya ad Daulah...


Austrian, 18th century, male.

Born 12 April 1693, in Prague; died 28 January 1753, in Prague.


The son of Wenzel Nosecky. A member of the Order of the Premonstratensians (Roman Catholic order of regular canons founded in the 12th century by St Norbert at Prémontré, France), he primarily painted frescoes; numerous churches and chapels in Bohemia were decorated with his paintings....


Swiss, 18th century, male.

Died 1768, in Basel.

Painter. Portraits.

Zuber was probably from Schaffhausen. A painter by the same name was known there in the 15th century. This artist executed the portrait of Noble Tribune Joh. Casparus Stockarus. It was signed J. V. Zuber Pinx...