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British, 19th century, male.

Active in Londonc.1880.

Born 4 November 1826, in Paris; died 13 December 1906, in London.

Painter, poet, novelist, dramatist, musician. Landscapes.

Charles Hamilton Aidé is above all remembered as an accomplished dramatist and musician. He travelled extensively and made sketches on his travels. He submitted three canvases to the Grafton Gallery in ...


French, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 1849, in Orléans; died 1930.

Painter, watercolourist, sculptor, writer, musician. Landscapes.

Paul Besnard, the son of a magistrate, followed his father's example and became an examining magistrate in Romorantin. Being interested in painting, he asked his neighbour Henri Chouppe to teach him how to paint watercolours. One year after he first sent work to the Salon de Paris in ...


French, 19th century, male.

Born c. 1779, in Paris.

Painter, miniaturist, poet, musician.

Claude Jean Besselièvre was a pupil of Augustin and David. His paintings appeared regularly at the salon between 1802 and 1824. The portrait Charles V, King of France, with his Son was exhibited in ...


French, 19th century, male.

Born 4 March 1813, in Châteauroux (Indre); died December 1866, in Paris.

Painter, musician, writer.

A pupil of Gros and Déveria and a friend of Daumier and Baudelaire, Joseph Ferdinand Boissard de Boisdenier exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1835 with a striking ...


German, 18th – 19th century, male.

Born 1755, in Gunzenhausen; died c. 1812 or 1815, in Prague.

Painter, miniaturist, writer, musician. Birds, flowers, insects.

Johann Jakob Norbert Grund gave up his position in the Church to devote himself to painting. He was also a musician and writer and taught at the academy of art in Florence....


French, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 8 August 1874, in Lachapelle-aux-Pots; died August 1966, in Le Mans.

Painter, poet, musician.

Tristan Klingsor became known in 1895 for his poetry tinged with Symbolism and a certain humour. Previously he had tried his hand at musical composition. Despite his close friendship with Maurice Ravel, Klingsor began to move in the direction of the visual arts but without abandoning his poetry. He studied at the École du Louvre in Paris. He was in turn a landscape painter, a portraitist, and a painter of still-lifes, and proved to be a moving painter of reality. He also wrote some critical studies, notably on Chardin, Hubert-Robert and Cézanne....


French, 19th century, male.

Born 14 July 1801, in Carpentras (Vaucluse); died 29 June 1890, in Montpellier.

Painter, draughtsman, poet, musician. Genre scenes.

Jean Joseph Bonaventure Laurens was born and grew up in Carpentras, home to his family for several generations, before moving to Montpellier, where he worked in the university's accounts department. A great music-lover and friend of Schumann, Laurens was also an admirer of female nudes by the sculptor Étienne d'Antoine, and himself enjoyed drawing attractive young women. In the course of his life he built up an extensive collection of drawings of women's faces and also some full-length portraits. His approach to the his subjects, more idealised than realistic, was described by one critic as 'bland and not without timidity'. However it seems to have pleased the young women of Montpellier, many of whom were keen to pose for him....


French, 19th century, male.

Active also active in Algeria.

Born 5 July 1817, in Narbonne; died 24 October 1887, in Mustapha, Algeria.

Painter, writer, musician. Religious subjects, genre scenes, landscapes. Murals, designs for stained glass.


Lazerges studied under François Bouchot and David d'Angers. He first visited Algeria in 1842 and moved there around 1861. He was the father of Jean Baptiste Paul Lazerges. Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1840 to 1887 with, among other works, ...


Irish, 19th century, male.

Born 24 February 1797, in Dublin; died 6 July 1868, in Jersey.

Miniaturist, writer, musician.

The miniatures Samuel Lover exhibited at the Royal Hibernian Academy were rated very highly. He was also very successful in the field of literature.

Dublin: miniature...


German, 19th century, male.

Born 22 March 1813, in Leipzig; died 13 February 1883, in Venice.

Musician, writer, poet, draughtsman.

Richard Wagner was responsible for the scenery, decorations and costumes of his celebrated operas The Ring and many other operas from which model makers, decorators and draughtsmen were to draw inspiration. He also executed paintings and sculpture without ever aspiring to go beyond amateurism. Passionate about architecture, he drew up the plans of the Beyreuth Festspielhaus (Festival Theatre)....


Dutch, 18th – 19th century, male.

Born 10 June 1767, in Amsterdam; died 8 April 1824, in Nijmegen.

Painter, engraver (burin), musician, writer.

Derk van de Wart studied under J. Kuyper. He painted portraits, landscapes and miniatures.


Ukrainian, 19th century, male.

Born c. 1856, in Odessa.

Painter, poet, musician. Landscapes.

Aleksandr Wicherski mainly painted views of the countries he visited in 1855: Ukraine, the Caucasus, Palestine, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.


Swiss, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 29 February 1864, in Bowil or Nüchtern (Emmenthal, Canton of Bern); died 6 November 1930, in Bern.

Draughtsman, writer, poet, musician. Scenes with figures, figures.

Art Brut.

Adolf Wölfli was one of a family of seven children. He worked between ...