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German, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 1956, in Idar-Oberstein.

Painter lithographer, photographer.

Minimal Art.

Heiner Blumenthal studied at the academies of fine arts in Berlin and Hamburg, under the direction of Franz Erhard Walther. He also studied in Berlin with Fred Thieler, whose style was a dynamic version of Informel, and worked in the early 1980s when Expressionist Figurative was the fashion, Blumenthal was distinctive for preserving a very spare style. He lives and works in Cologne. He first exhibited in Berlin in ...


American, 20th–21st century, male.

Born 1944, in New York.

Sculptor, draughtsman, photographer, painter, installation.

Land Art, Environmental Art.

Richard Fleischner graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in 1966 and an MFA in 1968, both degrees focusing on sculpture. During the 1970s and 1980s, Fleischner became a leading figure in environmental art....


Canadian First Nations (Blood/Kainai), 20th–21st century, female.

Born 1953, in Kainai Reserve (Alberta).

Sculptor, installation artist, photographer.

Blackfoot artist Faye HeavyShield received her training at the Alberta College of Art and the University of Calgary (BFA 1986). Her eloquently, sparse aesthetics fall within the tropes of Minimalism, but she favours natural and handmade materials over mass-produced ones. These materials imbue her work with a narrative specificity not usually associated with Minimalism. Drawing on her memories of a traditional upbringing on the Kainai reserve and her education at St Mary’s Catholic School, HeavyShield brings together small repeated, often abstracted, forms to create large sculptures and installations that metaphorically reference the body and landscape. The results are enigmatic works that explore issues of memory, identity and the politics of place. The repetitive dynamic of her work gives it a meditative quality and reminds the viewer that strength is found in ritual and community....


American, 20th century, female.

Born 5 April 1938, in Worcester, Massachusetts; died 8 February 2014, in New York.

Sculptor, installation artist, filmmaker, photographer. Land Art, Environmental Art, Public Art, Post-Minimalism.

Nancy Holt received a BA in Biology from Tufts University in 1960 and then briefly travelled through Europe, before moving to New York City. There, she met influential Minimalist and Post-Minimalist artists, many of whom would become collaborators, including: Carl Andre, Dan Graham, Eva Hesse, Joan Jonas, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, and Richard Serra. Holt’s early artistic output was primarily photography, video, and Concrete poetry, mediums in which she continued to work throughout her career....


German, 20th century, male.

Installation artist.

Hörl's work has been shown at solo exhibitions, including ones in 1993 in Zurich and Munich. The objects he produces fall somewhere between 'ready-made' and Minimalism. He also works as a photographer.


American, 20th–21st century, female.

Born 27 May 1944, in New York City.

Installation artist, sculptor, designer. Land Art, environmental art, site-specific art.

Mary Miss studied at the University of California at Santa Barbara, graduating with a BA in 1966. She received her MFA from the Rhinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Art Institute in ...


Canadian, 20th century, male.

Born 1940, in Montreal.

Sculptor, film producer, photographer.

Minimal Art.

Jean Noël, a pupil from 1960 to 1963 of the School of Fine Art, Montreal, settled in Montreal. He has been a member of the Quebec Association of Sculptors since 1966...


American, 20th century, male.

Born 1936.

Sculptor, photographer.

Minimal Art.

Richard Nonas studied anthropology, worked as an archaeologist in Georgia, and directed ethnographical studies in Native American villages in Mexico. He lived in Paris for two years and took up sculpture around 1967. He was in residence at the Calder Studio, Saché, in ...


American, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 2 November 1939, in San Francisco (California), United States.

Painter, sculptor, draughtsman, engraver, installation artist, performance artist, video artist.

Process Art, Minimal Art.

Richard Serra first studied literature at the University of California in Berkeley and Santa Barbara, working at a steel mill to support himself. He then gained a degree in fine arts and painting at Yale University, where he collaborated on Joseph Albers’ work, ...