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French, 18th century, male.

Born 18 June 1716, in Montpellier; died 27 March 1809, in Paris.

Painter, decorative designer, engraver (etching). Religious subjects, allegorical subjects, mythological subjects, portraits.

Joseph-Marie Vien the Elder first studied under Giral in Montpellier, then with Natoire and Parrocel at the École de l'Académie Royale in Paris, at the same time earning his living by working for an art dealer. He won the Prix de Rome in 1742 and was sent to the Académie in Rome the following year. He stayed there for five years, not only pursuing his academic studies and making copies of old masters, but also painting numerous pictures for churches and designing costumes and triumphal chariots for masquerades. An indefatigable worker, he earned enough by his varied activities to supplement the royal bursary and did not return to France until 1750, staying briefly in Marseilles and Tarascon. Once back in Paris, however, he represented a very different concept of art from that currently dominant at the Académie de Peinture et de Sculpture. He reacted against the affected imitators of Pietro da Cortona, Francesco Albano and the decadent artists of Bologna, and proposed a return to serious study of classical and Renaissance masters. His artistic choices did not recommend him to academicians, and it has only after vigorous intervention by François Boucher that he was admitted to the Académie on 30 March 1754, on presentation of his ...


French, 17th century, male.

Baptised 19 May 1593 in Tours; died 10 May 1670, in Paris.

Painter, engraver (etching), decorative designer. Historical subjects, religious subjects, mythological subjects, genre scenes, portraits. Murals.

Louis Dimier, in his monumental History of French Painting ( Histoire de la Peinture Française...


Spanish, 20th century, male.

Born 1879, in Barcelona; died 1950, in Barcelona.

Painter, engraver, draughtsman, decorative artist. Figure compositions, religious subjects, landscapes with figures. Murals, designs for stained glass.


Darío Vilas Fernández was a pupil of Ramón Martí Alsina at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Barcelona, where he exhibited work in ...


Dutch, 16th century, male.

Born 1526, in Leeuwarden; died between 1606 and 1609, in Antwerp.

Painter, architect, draughtsman, engraver, designer of ornamental architectural features, decorative artist, art restorer. Religious subjects, landscapes, architectural views, interiors, church interiors, gardens, decorative motifs (grotesques), models (buildings).

Prague School.

Hans Vredeman de Vries was a pupil of Cornelis Floris (Cornelis Cornelis de Vriendt) and studied painting in Amsterdam. He was a great traveller and went to Mechelen, to Antwerp in 1549 and again in 1562 and from 1575 to 1585 and then to Leipzig. In 1586, he went to Frankfurt and then Brunswick, where he was based until 1596. In 1591 he was in Hamburg. Between 1592 and 1595 he worked in Danzig (now Gdansk) where he designed the fortifications and some ornamental motifs and also decorated the town hall and a number of churches. Next he went to Prague (1596-1598), to the court of Rudolph II, and to Amsterdam and The Hague. He had two sons, Salomon and Paul, who worked with him....


German, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 7 June 1862, in Buddenstadt; died 1932.

Painter, engraver. Figures, genre scenes, church interiors, landscapes, seascapes. Wall decorations.

Wendling was the pupil of Eugen Ducker at the academy of fine art in Düsseldorf. He visited North America, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and France. He was awarded an honourable mention in Berlin in ...


Italian, 17th – 18th century, male.

Born 9 January 1679, in Venice; died 1740, in Dresden (?).

Painter, engraver (burin/etching), decorative designer. Religious subjects, historical subjects, costume studies.

Andrea Zucchi was a brilliant scene painter and went to Dresden in this capacity in 1736. He made engravings of religious and historical subjects after the best painters in Venice, and designed costumes....