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At least five languages coexisted in Teotihuacan, a cosmopolitan urban development larger than any other constructed in the Americas prior to European contact. In Nahuatl, the name for this Pre-Columbian site can be translated as “The Place Where Divinity Comes into Being” or “The Place of Those Who Have the Road of the Gods.” Its three primary monuments--the Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, and Temple of the Feathered Serpent--number among the most architecturally significant in Mesoamerica.

Samella Lewis

Black Art: An International Quarterly

A central figure in the creation of institutions to support and study African American art, artist and scholar Samella Lewis co-founded the journal Black Art: An International Quarterly, which became the International Review of African-American Art. She helped to set up the Museum of African-American Art in Los Angeles, where she worked as senior curator, also serving as professor at Scripps College in Claremont.

In this update, 192 emendations have been published across both dictionaries.

Valerie Cassel Oliver

Letter from the Editor

Read a letter from the Editor in Chief of the Benezit Dictionary of Artists, Dr. Valerie Cassel Oliver, discussing her editorial approach and the work underway to expand Benezit’s coverage of emerging artists, varied media, and artists of diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

Image of the TEFAF

Grove Guide to the Art Market

Explore the new Grove Art subject guide on the art market, which brings together articles related to finance, art law, provenance, cultural heritage, collecting, connoisseurship, galleries, auction houses, and dealers.

Dulwich Pink Gallery

Collection Guides

Join Benezit on a tour of unique art collections around the world! Written by experts and curators, our Collection Guides present the history and highlights of museums and galleries. Follow links to related texts in Oxford Art Online and around the web to learn more about the artists in these outstanding collections.

Latin American Art

Latin American Art

Grove Art continues a major initiative to revise and expand Grove’s content on Latin American art and architecture. Led by Tom Cummins at Harvard University, this project includes scholarship on topics from the Pre-Columbian period to present day. 


AUGUST 11, 2020

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In this update, 192 emendations have been published across both dictionaries.

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In this update, Grove Art publishes 30 new and 26 revised articles, as well as 3 emendations across both dictionaries.

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