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Asian Contemporary Art Update, September 2005

Zhang Huan, 12 Square Meters, 1994

This season Grove Art Online is pleased to present new material devoted to Asian contemporary art—a rapidly growing area of study, exhibition, and interest. The recent addition of this subject to art history curricula internationally, an exploding number of biennials held in the Asia Pacific, and the ever-increasing number of publications and exhibitions focused on Asian contemporary art signal the rising impact of Asia on the art world.

Miwa Yanagi, White Casket, 1998

The Asian contemporary art update serves as a pathway into a rich and diverse facet of contemporary art practice today. It includes contributions from over 20 international scholars, nearly 200 art images, and covers art from nine countries—China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Anchoring the update are seven thematic essays including Asian Contemporary Women Artists, Transculturalism in Asian Diasporic Art, and Exhibitions of Contemporary Asian Art in the West. It also offers over 50 biographies of significant artists such as Montien Boonma, Anita Dube, Cai Guo-Qiang, Yoko Ono, Yoshitomo Nara, Suh Do-Ho, and Zhang Huan. In addition, it features an introduction to Asian contemporary art, an interview with artist Wang Qingsong, and a directory of alternative spaces in Asia, all freely available to Grove Art Online visitors.

Yang Fudong, Honey, 2003

This new scholarship complements our superb coverage of Asian art and culture—over 2,600 articles encompassing ancient and contemporary topics, regions and countries, styles and periods, art forms, artists, patrons, materials and techniques, archaeological sites, museums and historiography. A list of these articles may be viewed by navigating from the Grove Art Online option in the browse All Content feature. Grove Art Online also provides more than 500 images of major artworks from Asia, listed on browse Images feature.

Pushpamala N., Bhayanaka from the Navarasa Suite, 2000-2003

We are delighted that Melissa Chiu, Director of the Asia Society Museum, New York, served as guest editor for this update. The Asia Society is at the forefront of promoting Asian contemporary art throughout the world. We thank the artists, scholars, galleries, and museums for their invaluable contributions of new scholarship and images. Special thanks also to the Asia Society, ARTNews, and the Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong for sharing the information about this update with their readers. Grove Art Online's ongoing editorial programme broadens existing areas of coverage and encourages the exploration of multicultural and international subjects in the fields of art history and related disciplines. We hope you enjoy it!

Christine Kuan
Editor, Grove Art Online
September 2005

Above from top, details from: Zhang Huan, 12 Square Meters, 1994; Miwa Yanagi, White Casket, 1998; Yang Fudong, Honey, 2003; Pushpamala N., Bhayanaka from The Navarasa Suite, 2000-2003.

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