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Latin American Art and Architecture

With this update, Grove Art continues a major initiative to revise and expand Grove’s content on Latin American art and architecture. Led by Tom Cummins, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of the History of Pre-Columbian and Colonial Art and Chairman of the Department of the History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University, this project will include scholarship on topics from the Pre-Columbian period to the present day in Latin America. This work will result in a wealth of new content for Grove Art as well as in the creation of a three-volume print work, the Grove Encyclopedia of Latin American Art and Architecture.

In this summer 2016 release, 128 updated entries focus on Pre-Columbian art and colonial Latin American art, including articles such as Tula, Manuel Tolsá, Mirador, Marcos Zapata, Yucateco, and San Agustín.

Editor in Chief
Tom Cummins, Harvard University

Editorial Board
Monica Amor, Maryland Institute College of Art
Rita Eder, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
Jesús Escobar, Northwestern University
Patrick Hajovsky, Southwestern University
Ray Hernández-Durán, University of New Mexico
Stacie Widdifield, University of Arizona, Tucson

Esther Acevedo, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia
Ruth Auerbach, Independent Curator
Ana Cândida de Avelar, Independent Scholar
Clara Bargellini, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Trent Barnes, Harvard University
Annick Benavides, Harvard University
Susan Bergh, Cleveland Museum of Art
George Bey, Millsaps College
Lisa Blackmore, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Holly Block, Bronx Museum of the Arts
Elizabeth Boone, Tulane University
Claudia Brittenham, University of Chicago
Amy Buono, Rio de Janeiro State University
Claudia Calirman, John Jay College
Magali Carrera, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Katherine Chacon, Independent Scholar and Curator
Manuel Cirauqui, Guggenheim Bilbao
Juan Pablo Cruz, Museo Colonial y Museo Santa Clara
Sing d’Arcy, University of New South Wales
Sabina de Cavi, Universidad de Córdoba
Magnolia de la Garza, Deputy Director, Coppel Collection
Carolyn Dean, University of California, Santa Cruz
Susan Deans-Smith, University of Texas at Austin
Monica Dominquez Torres, University of Delaware
Kelly Donahue-Wallace, University of New Mexico
Isabelle Druc, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Theresa Eckmann, University of Texas at San Antonio
Keith Eggener, University of Oregon
José Falconi, Harvard University; Boston University
Irene Fanning, The Abbey School
George Flaherty, University of Texas at Austin
Valerie Fraser, University of Essex
Alessia Frassani, Leiden University
David Friedel, Washington University in St. Louis
Cécile Fromont, University of Chicago
Jesús Fuenmayor, CIFO Art Foundation
Cristina Gonzalez, Oklahoma State University
Robin Greeley, University of Connecticut
Julia Guernsey, University of Texas at Austin
Helen Gyger, Columbia University
Amy Hamman, University of Arizona
Joseph Heid, Southwestern University,
Liliana Herrera, Harvard University
Jennie Hirsch, Maryland Institute College of Art
Ellen Hoobler, Cornell College
John W. Hoopes, University of Kansas
Jorge Rivas Pérez, Denver Art Museum
Kimberly Jones, Dallas Museum of Art
Nancy Kelker, Middle Tennessee State University
Enrique Larrañaga, Independent Architect
Aleca Le Blanc, University of California, Riverside
Juan Ledezma, Independent Scholar and Curator
Sérgio Martins, PUC-Rio
Gordon McEwan, Wagner College
C.C. McKee, Northwestern University
Madeline McLeod, Southwestern University
Mary Miller, Yale University
Rachel Mohl, Rice University
Rodrigo Moura, Instituto Inhotim
Stella Nair, University of California, Berkeley
Paul Niell, Florida State University
Megan O’Neil, LACMA
Ann Peters, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology
Joanne Pillsbury, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Daniel Quiles, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Gabriela Rangel, Americas Society
John Rick, Stanford University
Carlos Anílber Rivas Maradiaga, University of California, Los Angeles
Emmanuel Ortega Rodríguez, University of New Mexico
Amy Rosenblum Mártin, Independent Curator
Maria Esther Pérez Salas, Institute Mora
Sofia Sanabrais, University of Southern California
Olaya Sanfuentes, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
Katherine Santner, Cambridge University
Michael Schreffler, University of Notre Dame
Izumi Shimada, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Gabriela Siracusano, CONICET
Karen Sothert, University of Texas at San Antonio
Amara Solari, Pennsylvania State University
Carolun Tate, Texas Tech University
Maria Constanza Toquica Clavijo, Museo Colonial y Museo Santa Clara
Anamaría Torres, Museo Colonial y Museo Santa Clara
Lisa Trever, University of California, Berkeley
Emily Umberger, University of Arizona
Gary Urton, Harvard University
Natalia Vega, Independent Art Historian and Curator
Margaret Young Sanchez, Denver Art Museum

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