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Benezit Contributors

The following scholars have written or revised Benezit entries for online updates and the Benezit Dictionary of Asian Artists.

Pamela Allara
David Boffa
Lin Barton
Ringo Bunoan
Gretchen Burch
Stephen Bury
Max Carocci
Leanne Carroll
Jacqueline Chao
Hope Childers
Diana Youngchau Chou
Shannon Connelly
Liz Delmont
Stacy Ernst
Cornelia Feye
Noelle Giuffrida
Holly Markovitz Goldstein
Atreyee Gupta
Julian J. Haladyn
Allison Harbin
Mazie Harris
Alison Kearney
Clive Kellner
Pamela Kember
Anjuli Lebowitz
Nessa Leibhammer
Dalia Linssen
Chen Liu
Shana Lopes
Stacey Loyer
Mary Manning
Marilyn Martin
Elizabeth Rankin
Malorine Mathurin
James Mitchell
Heather Nolin
Stephanie Pratt
Lindsey Reynolds
Alena Rosen
Sara Rubinow
Hope Saska
Robyn Sassen
Sarah Schell
Brenda Schmahmann
Kate Scott
Devon Smither
Lisa Neal Tice
Louise Thomas
Emily Voelker
Karen von Veh
Sophia Walter
Katherine Weaver Scott
India Rael Young
Michelle Yun

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