November 2008

This month, we continue to enhance Grove coverage of decorative arts with new and revised content. The more than 500 new articles in this update feature prominent artists, such as Robert Chamberlain, 18th century English enameller and porcelain manufacturer, and American industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, in addition to entries on pieces and techniques, such as hooked rug, crackle, Amberina glass, and Denby Pottery. Complementing these articles are more than 300 updated decorative arts bibliographies, expanded to include the latest scholarship in this burgeoning field of interest.

We are also delighted to enhance our decorative arts content with 185 new images throughout the site. While these images are accessible via search and browse, here is a list of some of the more notable additions:

  • Man’s cotton mantle (hinggi), from Sumba, c. 1920
  • Four-cornered hat, camelid hair, from Bolivia, Tiahuanaco, Middle Horizon, 5th–9th centuries
  • Embroidered medallion, silk, 1368–1644
  • Netsuke in the form of a rabbit, ivory, 19th century
  • Sutra box showing a dragon, red lacquer with engraved gold decoration (qiangjin), c. 1403–24
  • Silk covered shoes, leather, French, 1690–1700
  • Diana and the Stag automaton, made by Joachim Fries, c. 1620
  • Swan Vase, made by Josiah Wedgwood and Sons, c. 1883
  • Earthenware falcon prize, tin-enamelled, from south Tyrol, c. 1540
  • Earthenware glazed wave bowl, attributed to Christopher Dresser, c. 1880
  • Stirrups, iron, gold and silver, 16th–18th centuries
  • Saddle, iron, gold, wood and leather, eastern Tibet, 15th–18th century
  • Sword (detail), iron, gold and silver, Chinese or Tibetan, 14th–16th centuries

Finally, this update also sees the inclusion of five additional comprehensive learning units from MoMA. Each learning unit contains an introduction along with five to six lesson plans all focused on a given topic, ranging from photography (19th century to the present day), to the work of Louis I. Kahn, to the development and evolution of modern art during the mid 20th century. We hope that you will enjoy these additions and the continued expansion of learning resources and teaching tools within Grove.

Previous updates

  • The July 2008 update featured over 90 revised articles (including articles on Ethel Reed, Helene Kröller-Müller, and Torres Strait Islands), around 500 updated bibliographies spanning numerous subjects, and two brand new thematic articles, on still-life in Australian art and flooring. In addition, we added 65 new images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, many (but not all) of which are of works of Medieval art. A few interesting examples are the Klosterneuburg pulpit, a stained glass window from Chartres Cathedral, a detail of the Bayeux tapestry, and a Viking carved wooden animal-head post.
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