June 2010

The Grove Encyclopedia of American Art

This month Grove is pleased to introduce more new articles from the forthcoming Grove Encyclopedia of American Art, edited by Joan Marter, Professor of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and Editor of Woman's Art Journal. Drawing upon the expansive scholarship in The Dictionary of Art, The Grove Encyclopedia of American Art will deal with all aspects of American art from Native American architecture to contemporary installation art. A few select highlights from this update:

  • Airports in the USA
  • African American murals
  • Patricia Johanson
  • Edgar Heap of Birds
  • Charles Alston
  • Hollis Frampton
  • Bay Area Figurative school
  • Art Deco architecture in America
  • Adeline Adams
  • Appropriation art
  • Harriet Powers
  • Genre painting in American art

Updated Italian Renaissance bibliographies

This update also brings you a significant number of revised bibliographies for entries pertaining to the Italian Renaissance. Updated bibliographies for more than 675 entries are included.

Grove Updating Program

In order to uphold the relevance and scholarly integrity of Grove Art Online, Oxford University Press is embarking on a major new program to update existing articles. We believe that maintaining Grove is a joint, ongoing effort between the scholarly community and the publisher, and we invite you to participate.

  • Submit updates to your articles, especially bibliographies
  • Suggest corrections, revisions, or new articles
  • Tell us what you think

Our editorial team will be actively reaching out to Grove contributors for corrections, updates, and suggestions for revisions, and we will also flag entries that should be regularly revisited. We have thousands of authors to contact, and the contact information for most is out of date, so whether you are a contributor or not, if you see an article that needs attention, we encourage you to get in touch. We also welcome any other suggestions or feedback. The door is always open. Help us launch the updating program with a strong start by emailing the editors at: updateGAO@oup.com

Tips for Oxford Art Online users:

Tips for Oxford Art Online users is a new printable, reader-friendly guide containing tips about how to navigate Oxford Art Online and make the most of the content available.

Search Grove only preference

In response to your feedback, we have introduced the ability for users to more easily set a preference to search only Grove Art Online content, and have that choice persist throughout their session.

Please feel free to provide us with your thoughts and comments regarding enhancements via the Contact Us form.

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