July 2011

Grove Art Online

Visual Culture

This update features the emergence of visual culture as an interdisciplinary field of study and paradigm for analyzing culture, particularly in regard to current issues and concepts in public art, new communication technologies, consumer culture, and globalization. Under the direction of Jean Robertson, Professor of Art History at Herron School of Art and Design, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and Grove Advisory Editor for Contemporary Art, we are pleased to introduce the following new or revised entries:


  • Aleksandra Mir
  • Allora & Calzadilla
  • Banksy
  • Brian Jungen
  • Christian Boltanski
  • Christian Jankowski
  • Julie Mehretu
  • Kutlug Ataman
  • Martin Kippenberger
  • Pierre Huyghe


  • The Gaze
  • Public art in the 21st century
  • Relational Aesthetics
  • Television and art
  • Visual Culture

Grove Encyclopedia of American Art

Since early 2010, we have continued to add articles from the newly available Grove Encyclopedia of American Art, edited by Joan Marter, Professor of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, and Editor of Woman's Art Journal. Drawing upon the expansive scholarship in The Dictionary of Art, the Grove Encyclopedia of American Art covers all aspects of the visual arts in America.

This update includes 81 new articles added from the Grove Encyclopedia of American Art. For a complete list of new articles, click here. Select highlights from this update include biographies and articles on James Richmond Barthé, Lucinda Childs, Jerome Tiger, the Harlem Renaissance, Beaux-Arts Institute of Design, and the Virgina Dwan Gallery.

Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture

Researchers will be pleased to know that this update brings 69 updated and revised articles from the Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture. For a complete list of updated and revised articles, click here.

Grove Updating Program

In order to uphold the relevance and scholarly integrity of Grove Art Online, Oxford University Press is embarking on a major new program to update existing articles. We believe that maintaining Grove is an ongoing, joint effort between the scholarly community and the publisher, and we invite you to participate.

  • Submit updates to your articles, especially to bibliographies
  • Suggest corrections, revisions, or new articles
  • Tell us what you think

Our editorial team will be actively reaching out to Grove contributors for corrections, updates, and suggestions for revisions, and we will also flag entries that should be regularly revisited. We have thousands of authors to contact, and the contact information for most is out of date, so whether you are a contributor or not, if you see an article that needs attention, we encourage you to get in touch. We also welcome any other suggestions or feedback. The door is always open. Help us launch the updating program by emailing the editors at: updateGAO@oup.com

Previous Updates

  • The March 2011 update featured new articles from the Grove Encyclopedia of American Art on Native American artists, American architects and architecture firms, and American art institutions and organizations
  • The November 2010 update spotlighted Science and Contemporary Art and new articles from the Grove Encyclopedia of American Art and Grove Encyclopedia of Medieval Art
  • The June 2010 update featured new articles from the then forthcoming Grove Encyclopedia of American Art, and a significant number of revised bibliographies for entries pertaining to the Italian Renaissance
  • The March 2010 update featured globalization and contemporary art
  • The December 2009 update focused on contemporary art of Australia
  • The August 2009 update covered fashion as a visual art
  • The June 2009 update looked at Grove coverage of both Classical art and materials and techniques in art
  • The November 2008 update covered Decorative arts
  • The July 2008 update included 500 updated bibliographies, nearly 100 revised articles, and new Medieval Art images
  • The July 2008 update contained a letter from the editor
  • The March 2008 update included an interview with Marie-Claude Beaud
  • The October 2006 update featured women artists
  • The September 2005 update featured Asian contemporary art

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