December 2009

Contemporary Australian Art Update

Guest-edited by Dr. Charles Green at the University of Melbourne, our newest update focuses on the contemporary art of Australia.

To begin investigating Australian modern and contemporary art, please see the Subject Guide and Timeline, covering Australian art from 1600 to the present day. These guides provide context to internationally acclaimed artists such as performance collective The Kingpins, mixed-media artist Patricia Piccinini, and influential contemporary Aboriginal painters, including Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Julie Dowling, Paddy Bedford and Rusty Peters.

Here are some highlights from the Australian art update:

New Articles

  • Simryn Gill
  • Rosemary Laing
  • Anne Zahalka
  • The Kingpins
  • Ah Xian
  • Guan Wei
  • Ian North
  • Bill Henson
  • Robert Hunter
  • Shaun Gladwell
  • Patricia Piccinini
  • Wolfgang Sievers
  • Sue Ford
  • Paddy Bedford
  • Rusty Peters
  • William Barak
  • Hilda Rix Nicholas
  • Julie Dowling
  • Ricky Swallow
  • Gordon Bennett
  • Australian contemporary art, 1995–2010
  • Australian biennale and art exhibition space boom, 1995–2010
  • Art market in Australia, 1995–2010
  • Photography, Australian
  • Aboriginal Australian contemporary art, 1990–2010

Revised Articles

  • Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri

Northern Renaissance Art

We also added 32 new articles from the Grove Encyclopedia of Northern Renaissance Art. Drawing on the unsurpassed scholarship on the Renaissance in Northern Europe in The Dictionary of Art, the Grove Encyclopedia of Northern Renaissance Art provides unparalleled scope and depth in a field that has inspired and informed Western art for centuries. Articles include:

  • Ellis Carmyllyan
  • Ambroise Dubois
  • Barnard Flower
  • Dance of Death
  • Johann Fust
  • Friedrich Hillebrandt
  • Jakob Krause
  • Johann Froben
  • Johann Neumeister
  • Claude Garamond
  • Jost Bürgi
  • Peter Henlein
  • Kenilworth Castle
  • Jean Juste
  • Anton Koberger
  • Lyonese binding
  • Maioli bindings
  • Johannes Oporinus
  • Richard Pynson
  • Jörg Sorg

Added in October 2009: “search within this article”

You can now choose to limit your search to the article you are viewing. Allowing users to search for terms within a single article, this new functionality is particularly helpful with large articles spread over multiple pages, such as large country articles and articles on families. This search tool has been developed in response to user feedback. We are confident that this enhancement will greatly improve users’ research experience. The “search within this article” box is located near the top left of each entry. Simply click on the plus sign [+] to open the search box, enter your term(s) and click ‘search’. The search box expands to display a convenient list of search hits along with headings to contextualize them.

Previous Updates

  • The August 2009 update presented in full the fruits of our collaboration with Nancy Deihl and Lourdes Font of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Focusing on fashion as a visual art, with an eye on women’s fashion, high fashion, and the work of individual designers, this core of essential entries on fashion offers more than 100 new and revised articles and over 160 new images. This update also included 57 new articles and 99 images from the Grove Encyclopedia of Islamic Art and Architecture.
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