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American, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 1963.

Painter, draughtsman, collage artist, illustrator.

David Aronson, drawn to occultism, paints Surrealistically absurd images, which are sometimes frightening or disturbing. He has produced a set of paintings on the subject of the Holocaust. He also illustrates works for young readers....


Bio Art  

Suzanne Anker

From Anatomical studies to landscape painting to the Biomorphism of Surrealism, the biological realm historically provided a significant resource for numerous artists. More recently, Bio Art became a term referring to intersecting domains that comprise advances in the biological sciences and their incorporation into the plastic arts. Of particular importance in works of Bio Art is to summon awareness of the ways in which the accelerating biomedical sciences alter social, ethical and cultural values in society....


Eric M. Wolf

American art collection that opened in 1987. In 2015 the collection contained approximately 17,000 objects, specializing in modern and contemporary art (with particular strength in Surrealism, School of Paris, Abstract Expressionism, Pop art, and Minimalism), antiquities, Byzantine art, and the art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. While the vast majority of works in the museum come from the collection of its late founders, John and Dominique ...


American, 20th – 21st century, female.

Born 1946, in Boston (Massachusetts).

Sculptor, installation artist.

Sandy Skoglund creates room-size installations with a Surrealistic dreamlike quality, created over months and painted in bright colours, such as pink for floors and yellow for walls. They are furnished with familiar and repeating objects modelled from clay and painted, such as coat hangers, spoons, chewing gum, foxes, squirrels or cats. When the installation is finished, Skoglund photographs it with people in it, and the photograph is considered the end result of her work. She describes her work as 'a Frankensteinian model where the human beings have created a world that is out of control and turns on them'. She taught at the University of Hartford Art School in Connecticut (...