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Belgian, 19th – 20th century, male.

Born 18 June 1876, in Mechelen; died 2 October 1953, in Limoges, France.

Painter, enameller, art restorer. Portraits.

Philippe Victor van den Bergh was a student at the academy of fine arts in Mechelen in 1890. He entered the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in ...


French, 19th century, male.

Born 4 April 1821, in Lyons.

Painter (including gouache), art restorer, draughtsman. Mythological subjects, religious subjects, genre scenes, landscapes. Wall decorations, church decoration.

A pupil at the École des Beaux-Arts, Lyons (1836-1841), Jean Baptiste Beuchot exhibited landscapes in Lyons in ...


French, 18th – 19th century, male.

Born 11 February 1763, in Toulon; died 28 February 1831, in Toulon.

Sculptor, draughtsman, art restorer. Religious subjects, seascapes. Decorative schemes.

Brun first studied sculpture at the workshop of the Port of Toulon, before moving to Rome in 1782, where he spent six months perfecting his art with the Roman masters of the day. With no means to support himself, he eventually returned to France. Two years later, influential patrons secured him a grant from the King, enabling him to study in Italy for a further four years. Upon his return to Toulon in ...


French, 19th century, male.

Born 15 July 1827, in Paris; died 1894.

Enameller, art restorer. Objets d'art.

He was taught exclusively by his father, Étienne-Charles Corplet, and first exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1857.


Linda Whiteley

French family of restorers, dealers, cabinetmakers and painters. François-Simon-Alphonse Giroux (d Paris, 1 May 1848) was a pupil of Jacques-Louis David and became a picture restorer, founding his business in Paris at the end of the 18th century. He specialized in genre paintings of medieval ruins and troubadours and bought particularly from a younger generation of artists such as ...


Swiss, 19th century, male.

Active in Lucerne.

Born 28 October 1853, in Herznach.

Painter, decorative designer, art restorer.


Bohemian School, 19th century, male.

Born 17 February 1798, in Schlan; died 21 April 1865, in Prague.

Painter (gouache), draughtsman, decorative designer, art restorer. Historical subjects, genre scenes, hunting scenes, still-lifes, landscapes.

Navratil was a student of Josef Bergler at the academy of fine arts in Prague and worked in Prague. He restored Baroque wall paintings in several Bohemian castles and then created his own idyllic frescoes in the 'second rococo' style. He mainly painted historical subjects and street scenes....


Belgian, 19th century, male.

Active in France.

Born 8 January 1823, in Liège; died October 1905, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

Painter, draughtsman, art restorer, decorative artist. Portraits, genre scenes. Designs for carpets and furniture.

Florent Willems studied at the Mechelen academy and first exhibited in 1840. He went to Paris in 1844 and settled there. He soon became known as a talented restorer and painter and was commissioned to restore Raphael's ...