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Persian School, 15th – 16th century, male.

Active in Herat from 1468 to 1506, then in Tabriz.

Born between 1450 and 1460; died, in 1536 according to some sources, in 1537 according to others.

Miniaturist, writer.

Bahzad became the first truly famous Persian miniature painter and is the first known painter to have signed his work. The Louvre has a painting by him in grisaille, dated circa ...


Persian, 16th century, male.

Active in Tabriz, under the reign of Mughal emperor Humayun (1530-1556).

Illuminator, poet.

Persian School.

Mir Sayyid Ali was the son of the painter Mir Musavvir and a founder of the Akbar School in India. In his youth, he was an apprentice of the great Persian master Bihzad in Tabriz. After working on the staff of Shah Tahmasp, he went to Kabul in ...