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Anthony Gardner

Malaysian conceptual artist, active also in Australia. Gill studied at the University of Western Sydney, completing her MA in 2001. Despite working in a range of media, she is best understood as a process-based artist who has consistently explored notions of migration and transformation within material culture. These include the effects of international trade on such everyday activities as cooking and eating. The spiral form of ...


Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel

The final decades of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century witnessed an increasing propensity for artists to incorporate aspects of science in their own art. In many fields of scientific research—including the cloning of mammals, the genetic modification of crops, the creation of bioengineered organs and tissues, advances in nanotechnology and robotics, experimental research in how the human mind works and the study of artificial intelligence—the frontiers of knowledge pushed outward at an accelerated pace. In the spirit of creative inquiry, or in order to critique the goals and outcomes of scientific experimentation and application, artists regularly borrowed subjects, tools and approaches from science as a means to the production of art (...


Susie Lingham

Singapore-born installation artist, active in Australia . A recipient of numerous scholarships, Victor graduated from the University of Western Sydney with a BA Honours (1997) and an MA Honours (2000). Victor’s career ranged from prize-winning painter in the late 1980s, to ‘subversive’ in the early 1990s, and eventually to internationally esteemed artist with prestigious public art commissions to her name. Victor’s themes revolve around a critique of power and its subversion, sexuality and desire, notions of abjection and the cultural aftermath of post-colonialism in South-east Asia. Her work operates from a sophisticated, idiosyncratic aesthetic that runs counter to the dematerializing, technological trend of contemporary conceptual art. A key feature in her works is movement, achieved through mechanisms, engaging the viewer both physiologically and psychologically. The dynamic conflation of theatrical images, sumptuous materiality, movement, and multi-tiered concepts epitomizes Victor’s oeuvre....


Claire Roberts

Chinese painter and installation artist, active also in Australia. Guan Wei graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at Beijing Capital University in 1986 and worked as a teacher in a secondary school while pursuing his own experimental artistic practice. In 1989 he was invited to Australia as artist-in-residence at the Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart. Following the Tiananmen massacre on ...