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Italian, 20th century, male.

Born 1900, in Marciana Marina (Livorno); died 1971, in Milan.

Painter, ceramicist, illustrator, scenographer, writer. Stage costumes.


Giovanni Acquaviva studied philosophy and law at the University of Pisa, while devoting himself to illustration at the same time. He founded the Futurist group ...


French, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 22 June 1952, in Bordeaux.

Painter (including mixed media), sculptor, potter. Stage sets.

At the age of 24, Philippe Aïni gave up his job as a pastry cook to become an artist, although he lacked any training. At first, he was supported and encouraged to exhibit by Jean-Pierre Roche of the Galerie Émergences in Bordeaux (...


French, 20th century, male.

Born 24 September 1914; died January 1985, in Paris.

Painter, watercolourist, ceramicist. Designs for tapestries and stained-glass windows.

Maurice André participated in several of the annual Paris Salons, and staged an exhibition of his watercolours in 1952. He won the Grand Prix International de Création at the Brussels exhibition of ...


Inmaculada Julián

Spanish painter, sculptor, potter, printmaker and stage designer . As a painter he was mainly self-taught. After working as a journalist in 1957, he left Spain in 1958 to avoid military service, settling in Paris. There he continued to work both as a journalist and painter. From ...


Italian, 20th century, male.

Active also active in the USA.

Born 1910, in Ancona; died 1976, in Rome.

Painter, fresco artist, mosaicist, ceramicist, decorative designer. Still-lifes (including musical instruments). Stage sets.

School of Rome group.

In 1915, Corrado Cagli went to live in Rome, where he entered the Accademia di Belle Arti. He later went to Umbria, where he produced frescoes, mosaics and ceramics. Between 1931 and 1935, he executed a mosaic 650 feet (200 metres) long for the fountain in Terni and a fresco, ...


Belgian, 20th century, male.

Born 11 January 1911, in Tournai; died 1996.

Sculptor (metal), ceramicist, engraver, lithographer. Stage sets, designs for tapestries, architectural integration.

Pierre Caille attended evening classes at the academy in Tournai, and in 1929-1930 worked in Joris Minne's workshop at the École d'Architecture et des Arts Decoratifs in Brussels, founded by Henry van de Velde in ...


British, 20th century, male.

Born 21 January 1885, in Rothiemurchus (Inverness-shire); died 9 May 1978, in Aldermaston (Berkshire).

Painter, artisan, draughtsman, lithographer, ceramicist, stage set designer. Mythological subjects, landscapes, genre scenes, portraits, still-lifes, flowers. Murals, stage sets.

Bloomsbury Group, Omega Workshops.

Duncan Grant's father was a major in the British army and he spent the first nine years of his life in India and Burma. The Grants returned to Britain in 1894 and eight years later, aged seventeen, Duncan joined the Westminster School of Art. He visited Italy two years later, where he admired the works of Piero della Francesca and Masaccio, and in 1906 he spent a year in Paris where he attended Jacques-Emile Blanche's Académie de La Palette. During his time in Paris he met fellow British artists Wyndham Lewis, Henry Lamb and Augustus John and became acquainted with Vanessa and Clive Bell. He returned to London in 1907 where he began a relationship with the economist Maynard Keynes. Together, they made regular trips to Europe and North Africa....


French painter, stage designer and illustrator. After studying porcelain painting at the Sèvres factory (1901) and drawing in Paris under the French flower painter Madelaine Lemaire (1845–1928), in 1903–4 she studied at the Académie Humbert in Paris, where she met Georges Braque and Francis Picabia. In ...


Judi Freeman

French painter, draughtsman, illustrator, printmaker, stage designer, film maker, and ceramicist. Among the most prominent artists in Paris in the first half of the 20th century, he was prolific in many media and articulated a consistent position on the role of art in society in his many lectures and writings. His mature work underwent many changes, from a Cubist-derived abstraction in the 1910s to a distinctive realist imagery in the 1950s. Léger attracted numerous students to his various schools, and his ideas and philosophy were disseminated by modern artists throughout Europe and the Americas....


French, 20th century, male.

Born 7 January 1888, in Paris; died 26 March 1976, in Fréjus (Var).

Sculptor, ceramicist, fresco artist. Busts, funerary monuments, stage sets, wall decorations.

Baron Léon Albert Marie de Leyritz was a pupil of J.P. Aubé and from 1906 of Antonin Mercié at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He received the Prix Chenavard in ...