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Swiss, 18th century, male.

Born c. 1720, in Glaris; died 1750, in Glaris.

Engraver (copper), medallist.

A self-portrait engraved by him is documented.


Italian, 17th – 18th century, male.

Active in Florence.

Sculptor, medallist.

Cited by Zani. Alberghetti would appear to come from a well-known family of artists of the same name who worked from the Renaissance to the end of the 18th century as both casters and sculptors in Ferrara, Florence and Venice (where several were in charge of casting operations at the Artillery)....


German, 18th century, male.

Active in Lübeck.


He made copies of paintings by old masters. His painting of The Punishment of Ananias and Sapphira after Raphael's cartoon, preserved in the Goldsmiths' Chapel at St Peter's in Lübeck, is of little artistic merit. It is signed by him and dated ...


Canadian metalworker. He studied at the Petit Seminaire du Québec from 1778 to 1780 and began his apprenticeship c. 1780 in the silversmith’s shop of his elder brother, Jean-Nicolas Amiot (1750–1821); the tradition that he was apprenticed to François Ranvoyzé is unfounded. In ...


Mark Jones

French medallist, engraver and illustrator. He was first apprenticed to the medallist André Lavau (d 1808) and then attended the Académie de Peinture et de Sculpture in Bordeaux. In 1786 he travelled to Paris and entered the workshop of Nicolas-Marie Gatteaux. His first great success was a large, realistic and highly detailed medal representing the ...


French, 18th century, male.

Born 1696, in Nancy; died 2 March 1771, in Nancy.

Engraver (etching).

He was both a goldsmith and the director of the Mint at Nancy.


Gordon Campbell

Italian family of gunsmiths, active in the village of Bargi (near Bologna) from the mid-17th century, when Sebastiano Aqua Fresca was making guns, until 1809, when Pietro Antonio Aqua Fresca died. The most prominent member of the family was Matteo Aqua Fresca (1651–1738), a superb steel-chiseller and engraver who specialized in gun locks but also made steel snuff-boxes....


Emma Packer

English goldsmith. He was the son of Peter Archambo, a Huguenot refugee who worked in London as a staymaker. In 1710 he was apprenticed to the goldsmith Jacob Margas (c. 1685–after 1730) and, like Margas, became a freeman of the Butchers’ Company (rather than the Goldsmiths’ Company) on ...


Italian, 18th century, male.

Died 1714.

Painter, engraver, medallist.

Active around 1676 in Carpi and Modena. He was particularly adept at reproducing flowers and, as a result, was often asked to supply contemporary medal-makers with various designs for coins.


Spanish, 18th century, male.

Active in Valencia.

Painter, engraver (line-engraving).

Ascensio was a pupil at the Real Academia de San Fernando in Madrid, where he was appointed professor of engraving on metal in 1783 and later received the title of court engraver.