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Ralph M. Cleminson

Russian scientist, writer, entrepreneur and administrator. Born into a relatively humble family in the far north of Russia, he was sent to Moscow in 1731 to study at the Slavo-Graeco-Latin Academy, and he transferred to the Academy University in St Petersburg in 1735. The following year he went to Germany (until ...


M. N. Baudouin-Matuszek

French nobleman, administrator and patron. He was the son of Jean Orry, a master glassmaker, who held the appointment of secretary to the king (1701) and other high offices. Under Louis XV, Philibert became Contrôleur-Général des Finances (1730) and Directeur-Général des Bâtiments (...


Richard C. Mühlberger

Dutch painter, glass engraver, printmaker, collector and dealer. He studied with the Dordrecht artist Adriaen van der Burg (1693–1733) from c. 1725 until van der Burg’s death. On 16 October 1733 he began entries in the first of two professional diaries (Dordrecht, Mus. van Gijn) that record in unusual detail the activities of his career until ...


Jane Shoaf Turner

Dutch collector, dealer and artist . He was trained by Pieter Janssen as a glass-engraver and was active as a dealer in glass until 1687, when he became one of Amsterdam’s most important saleroom brokers and appraisers and began to deal in other forms of art. By ...