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Laura Suffield

English printer and publisher . He developed skills in calligraphy and monumental inscription–cutting apparently without an apprenticeship. Aged 19 he went to Birmingham to teach writing and bookkeeping and also to cut tombstones. Around 1740 he entered into business as a manufacturer of japanned goods, at which he proved highly successful. The proceeds enabled him to purchase a large house outside Birmingham and to start experimenting with type-founding ...


French, 18th century, male.

Active towards the end of the 18th century.

Engraver, print publisher.

Louis Berthet was active in Paris, engraving portraits and genre scenes. Most of his engravings were after Binet, and were made for illustrating books (for example seven engravings for Contemporary Women...


British, 18th century, male.

Active in Englandc.1720.


John Cole worked a good deal with publishers and bookshops providing portraits and ex libris plates. He made engravings of a number of monuments and a copy of a print by Martin Rota from Michelangelo's ...


David Alexander

English publisher and engraver. He studied in London under Francesco Bartolozzi and engraved a number of book illustrations but was best known as a publisher, issuing the designs by William Blake for Robert Blair’s poem The Grave (London, 1743). In 1805 Cromek commissioned Blake to draw and engrave the designs, but Blake felt betrayed when Cromek engaged ...


French, 18th century, male.

Born 1734, in Paris.

Draughtsman, print publisher, musician.

He drew the illustrations for a number of travel books: Pictures... of Switzerland ( Tableaux... de la Suisse) (Paris, 1780-86), Description... of France ( Description... de la France) and Story of Saugnier's journeys to the African coast...


David Rodgers

Scottish printer and educator. He was of humble origin, but determined to become a printer. In 1739 he went to Paris where he purchased fine and rare books that he sold in London for a profit. Two years later he had established a bookshop in Glasgow and began to print with such success that in ...


French, 17th – 18th century, male.


There is considerable obscurity surrounding the Larmessins, a family of highly accomplished engravers, editors and booksellers. This is for the simple reason that the three engravers all shared the first name of Nicolas, and this has created confusion between their works. Excerpts from their birth, marriage and death certificates may clarify matters, however. We find a Philippe Larmessin, a painter on the rue St Germain at the sign of the woman called 'Salge'. He married Marguerite Orlemont, and was buried on ...


Maxime Préaud

French family of engravers, print-sellers and print-publishers. Nicolas de Larmessin I (bapt Paris, 17 Oct 1632; d Paris, 23 July 1694) was the son of the bookseller Nicolas de Larmessin. In 1647 he was apprenticed to the engraver Jean Mathieu (fl 1618–46...


French, 18th – 19th century, male.

Active in Paris.

Draughtsman, illustrator.

Lefebvre illustrated The Adventures of Telemachus by Fénelon for the publisher Didot.


Juliann Wolfgram

Japanese print designer, painter, book illustrator and publisher. Although Masanobu’s artistic career spanned six decades, Edo-period (1600–1868) documents reveal little about his life. However, his prolific artistic output and technical innovations make him one of the leading figures of the early history of Japanese woodblock printing and ...