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Filipino, 20th century, male.

Born 1930, in Bohol, Philippines.

Sculptor. Figures, historical subjects, religious subjects, allegory, myths.

Napoleon Veloso Abueva graduated in 1953 from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts (UPCFA), where he was mentored by the first National Artist for Sculpture, Guillermo Tolentino. He received another scholarship from the Fulbright/Smith–Mundt Foundation and in ...


Lisa M. Binder

Ghanaian sculptor, active in Nigeria. He earned a bachelor’s degree in sculpture (1968) and a postgraduate diploma in art education from the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana (1969). After graduation he taught at the Specialist Training College (now University of Winneba), Ghana, in a position vacated by the eminent sculptor Vincent Kofi. From ...


Togolese, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 11 November 1968, in Lomé.

Painter (mixed media).

A self-taught artist, Tetevi Azankpo works with recycled materials such as rusting receptacles, lengths of metal wire and rubber to produce fantasy figurines.

He has exhibited at group exhibitions, among them ...


John-Paul Stonard

English sculptor and conceptual artist. She studied at Kingston Polytechnic, Surrey (1986–9), and at Goldsmiths’ College of Art in London (1992–3). She had her first solo exhibition at City Racing, London, in 1994, and in the following year was included in ...


Francis Summers

American sculptor, active in England. He obtained a BFA from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA, and an MFA from Goldsmiths’ College, London, in 1988. Exploring his interest in the government of behaviour by social constraint, he first used clothes and hair as materials before turning to animal remains and casts of human organs for his increasingly unsettling work. His ...


German, 20th – 21st century, male.

Active in London.

Born 1976, in Hamburg.

Video artist.

Bernd Behr is a graduate of Goldsmiths College in London in the arts. His most notable creation is a film on DVD, Theatre of Emptiness ( Théâtre du Vide), which consists of a loop of film of a man climbing a high gateway. This film was shot at the exact spot where Yves Klein took his famous photograph ...


British, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 1951, in Bradford.

Painter, engraver, draughtsman. Figures, portraits.

Tony Bevan was educated at Bradford School of Art (1968-1971), Goldsmiths College (1971-1974) and the Slade School of Fine Art (1974-1976).

Bevan has been compared to Francis Bacon, Edvard Munch and Philip Guston. He paints the human form, depicting extreme psychological states of anxiety and alienation, yet concentrating as much on the body as on the face. Using charcoal, he draws straight onto the wet canvas to create densely worked areas which contrast with flat expanses of strong colour in acrylic. Heavy outlines in red or black show the structures of the body beneath the skin, so that the figures seem to be covered in scars. This imparts a rough physicality to the figures, which seem deformed and haggard, recalling the suffering faces of the French writer and actor Antonin Artaud; but in their stylisation the lines also take on a life of their own as abstract forms. The starkness of portrayal can be viewed as aggressive or confrontational, but the figures also appear vulnerable, with a focus on the more fragile parts of the body, such as the neck, wrists or insides of the arms....


John-Paul Stonard

English painter. He studied at the Bradford School of Art (1968–71) and then in London at Goldsmiths’ College (1971–4) and the Slade School of Fine Art (1974–6). In his early work he painted single figures in a manner that suggested extreme psychological states. His use of charcoal and intensely chromatic acrylic paint, which he makes himself, give his painting a distinctively rich, scorched appearance. Bevan developed his psychological portraiture throughout the 1980s and 90s, often working in series on individual subjects. ...


Spanish, 20th – 21st century, male.

Active in France.

Born 1952, in Benicarlo.

Painter, sculptor, engraver, medallist. Landscapes with figures, urban landscapes. Statuettes.

Jorge Borras trained at the Real Academia Catalana de Bellas Artes de San Jorge in Barcelona. He is general secretary of the association of Spanish artists and intellectuals in France. Borras specialised in statuettes of young women captured in everyday postures. A certain softness of form is balanced by graceful signs of movement. For the Paris Mint, he created a medallion of Pope Benedict XIII, the last Avignon pope....


John-Paul Stonard

English painter and sculptor. He completed a foundation course at Norwich School of Art (1984–5), a BFA at Bath Academy of Art (1985–8), and an MFA at Goldsmiths’ College, London (1990–92). His paintings typically reproduce the work of artists such as Frank Auerbach and Karel Appel in a slick, ‘photographic’ manner. He arrived at this manner of working after basing paintings on photographs of modernist buildings; a sense of thwarted utopianism became a central tenet in his later work. His first painting after Auerbach, ...