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6th century, male.

Active in the Archaic period.

Born on Aegina.

Worker in bronze.

Ancient Greek.

Aristonous made a Zeus crowned with lilies, with an eagle and a thunderbolt, which was offered to Olympia by the people of Metapontum.


Gordon Campbell

Decorative carving in which the patterns are produced by chipping out the material with a chisel and gouge. Chip-carved roundels are characteristic of medieval north European oak furniture, while early medieval metalwork used the technique to facet the surface of objects and make them glitter....


Italian, 9th century, male.

Born 776, in Verona; died 846, in Verona.

Sculptor (including wood), architect, goldsmith.

An archdeacon, he built in the city and province of Verona several churches and chapels that are now either entirely or partially destroyed.