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French, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 1948.


Op Art.

Bruno Allart is the brother of Patrice Allart, and works in the same vein. He no longer seems to be active as an artist.


French, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 21 July 1948, in Toulon.

Sculptor, environmental artist, assemblage artist.

Jean Allemand is one of the co-founders of the Space group. He has lived and worked in Paris since 1967. He creates environments by assembling geometric structures.

Allemand has participated in collective exhibitions in Paris: since ...


British, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 1951, in Troutbeck Bridge, Cumbria.

Sculptor, painter, draughtsman, mixed media.

New British Sculpture.

Edward Allington was educated at the Lancaster College of Art (1968-1971), the Central School of Art and Design, London (1971-1974) and the Royal College of Art (...


American, 20th – 21st century, female.

Born 1974, in Philadelphia.

Installation artist.

Jennifer Allora collaborates with the Cuban artist Guillermo Calzadilla. She operates from Cambridge (Massachusetts) and Puerto Rico.

2003, Common Wealth, Tate Modern, London

2004, Ciclonismo, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris

2004, How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age...


Canadian, 20th – 21st century, female.

Active in Montreal.

Born 8 February 1947, in Quebec.

Installation artist, sculptor, draughtswoman, photographer.

Jocelyne Alloucherie studied at the Visual Arts School at the University of Laval in Quebec and at the University of Concordia in Montreal. In 2002 she was awarded the Prix Paul-Émile Borduas for her contribution to the cultural life of Quebec....


Belgian, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born c. 1955.

Painter. Figure compositions, still-lifes.

Pierre Alloueteau trained at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, and lives and works on a barge near the port of Antwerp. His goal was always to acquire the techniques of 15th-century Flemish painters. In his figure compositions, his starting point is Van Eyck, with a dash of Delvaux or Dalí. In his still-lifes, his style is more like that of the 17th-century Dutch painters such as W.C. Heda or Adriaen Coorte. He steadfastly ignores all contemporary art....


Guatemalan, 20th – 21st century, female.

Active in the USA.

Born 1950, in Guatemala City.

Painter (mixed media), watercolourist, draughtswoman. Figure compositions.

Carmen Almon studied in New Orleans from 1968 to 1969, at the Newport College of Art in England from 1969 to 1970 and at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington ...


British, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 30 October 1971, in Wigan.

Sculptor, film maker, video artist.

Young British Artists.

Darren Almond graduated from Winchester School of Art in 1993. He won the Toshiba Art and Innovations Prize in 1996. He was nominated for the 2005...


French, 20th – 21st century, female.

Born 1953.


Cécile Alphe has exhibited in Paris at the Salon Grands et Jeunes d'Aujourd'hui.



French, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 16 July 1958, in Brussels.

Sculptor, draughtsman.

Alquin is the son of Pierre Alechinsky, and decided to make his own name. Even in his youth, he spent a great deal of time drawing. He worked either in pen or in hard pencil, using controlled strokes, with a hyperrealist minuteness, but also with a personal sensibility. His subjects were figures, or, more often than not, animals, such as leaping dogs. In his father's studio, he quietly, gradually acquired his artistic training, and finally chose to be a sculptor. His first works date from just before ...


American, 20th – 21st century, male.

Active in France from 1981.

Born 22 August 1954, in Oakland (California).


Mark Alsterlind studied at the University of Santa Clara before joining the Californian College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland where he obtained a MFA in 1980...


Italian, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 17 July 1947, in Milan.

Painter, sculptor, theorist.

Arte Povera, Conceptual Art.

Adriano Altamira put forward his first critical observations on the phenomena of vision in 1967. Next he began to use minimalist structures, plaits and interlacings, like some of the methods used in France by the ...


Argentinian, 20th – 21st century, male.

Active in France.

Born 1949, in Buenos Aires.

Painter, illustrator. Figures.

Nouvelle Figuration.

Ruben Alterio studied at the school of fine arts in Buenos Aires. He has lived and worked in Paris since 1975 and is known as a press and advertising illustrator. Solo exhibitions of his paintings took place in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro and in Paris in ...


German, 20th – 21st century, male.

Active in Cologne.

Born 1966, in Cologne.

Painter, sculptor, draughtsman, installation artist. Figures, portraits, scenes with figures.

Kai Althoff is a self-taught artist. He seeks a way to describe the world about him in the setting of its historical and religious references and to portray its characters, without putting anything into his painting other than this kind of nostalgic description. To achieve this, he borrows from different genres, depending on the often dramatic contents of his images. He employs a wide variety of themes, references and historical quotations, and shows a particular interest in the 1970s, medieval imagery and popular culture. He uses a number of different techniques, creating installations for which he writes accompanying texts, as well as writing scenarios for performances, videos and the cinema. His installations are made up of composite elements, such as piles of paintings or drawings covered in plastic. Painting is thus only one of many means of expression for him, and he experiments with many styles, alternating caricature with Romantic sensitivity, Expressionist distortions or even Abstraction. His palette is sombre, consisting mainly of variations on greys, browns and greens, accentuating the harrowing melancholy of a universe that is haunted by the constant resurgence of history. He sometimes treats his canvases with resins that make the paint blister in places and seem to threaten its preservation. He is also a musician....


French, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 1949, in Paris.

Sculptor (bronze). Figures. Statuettes.


Alvarez is a self-taught artist. He began by sculpting steel. He lives and works in Paris and set up an experimental foundry in Touraine. His figures of men and women are pure and round. He exhibited collectively in ...



Venezuelan, 20th – 21st century, male.

Born 20 June 1957, in Valencia, Venezuela.


Alvaro first exhibited in 1966 at the Taller Libre de Ante del Tigre in Anzoategui. In 1973 he went to Paris where he studied at the school of fine arts. He exhibits in Paris, Geneva and Venezuela....


Brazilian, 20th – 21st century, female.

Born 1970, in São Paulo.


In 1998, Carmen Alves graduated with a degree in art from the FAAP Academy in São Paulo. She lives and works in São Paulo and takes part in group exhibitions, including the In Search of Identity. Contemporary Brazilian Art...


Angolan, 20th – 21st century, male.

Active in Belgium from 1987.

Born 8 August 1963, in Luanda, Angola, of Portuguese origin.

Painter, collage artist, installation artist.

Fernando Alvim has lived and worked in Luanda, Brussels and Johannesburg. In Brussels he founded Camouflage, Europe's first centre of contemporary African art, the counterpart of the centre in Johannesburg. His work derives from memory, particularly of the war liberating Angola from colonialism, a war whose horror and misery he lived through. A particular vision of African tradition expresses itself through his painting....


Belgian, 20th – 21st century, male.

Active in Mexico.

Born 1959, in Antwerp.

Painter, draughtsman, video artist, photographer, installation artist.

Francis Alÿs is of Belgian origin but has lived in Mexico since 1986. He trained as an architect at the Instituto Universitario di Architettura in Venice....


French, 20th – 21st century, female.

Born 9 November 1961.

Glass painter. Figures, genre scenes, animals.

Marie Amalia studied fine arts at the Université de Paris I (1982-1984), and then studied in G. Jeanclos' studio at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. She is the daughter of the sculptor Cyrille Bartolini. She creates a feast-like, charm-filled universe, drawing her subjects from tales, legends and Biblical stories. She depicts different figures, such as clowns, dancers, marionettes or animals, evolving in space. They are rendered in colour, generally against black or ochre backgrounds, using the ...